\Donald Trump Jr’s Wife Rushed To Hospital After Opening Mail With Suspicious White Powder Inside

Elder Patriot – Donald Trump Jr.’s wife Vanessa was rushed to New York Presbyterian-Weill Cornell Medical Center along with two other people who were with her when she opened an envelope that contained a suspicious white powder.

The letter had been addressed to the president’s son, Don, Jr.

There is no word on injuries as of yet.

We have been anticipating an attack against President Trump’s family, like this one, for some time as a warning to the nation’s chief executive to back off his attempt to dismantle the Deep State’s shadow government.

Whether it was a warning from government operatives or the act of a psychotic leftist who was finally triggered by the fringe reporting from MSNBC and CNN is not yet known.

You’ll recall how James Hodgkinson had been triggered, by the constant drumbeat of hate being spewed by the mainstream media matrix, into shooting Congressman Steve Scalise among a number of other people.

Anyone who doubts the significance of this event only has to remember back to the last two presidents who threatened the status quo.

JFK had the back of his head blown off in what we now know was a conspiracy to assassinate him.  Had President Trump not unsealed the long secret FBI files we’d still be drinking the Kool-Aid that a lone gunman had carried out Kennedy’s assassination alone.

The great Ronald Reagan was effectively neutered less than three months into his presidency when he took a bullet from a handgun at almost point blank range.  How could anyone have gotten that close to him while carrying any form of firearm?

With trillions of dollars at stake for the globalists who plan to continue fleecing America as they have been doing for more than a century, and a carefully constructed apparatus in place to protect that investment, President Trump is not safe. 

And, as we see – even if this turns out to be nothing more than talc and a warning to the president – they will stop at nothing to get to him.