Docs Prove FBI’s Spy In Trump’s Campaign, Halper, Was Paid $282k From Obama’s Unidentified ‘Defense Agency’

Kirsters Baish| Things really haven’t been going well for the Democrats over the last couple of years, have they? Their candidate lost the 2016 presidential election to Donald Trump, despite their constant claims that Hillary was winning in the polls. Now, their ridiculous attempt to impeach Trump via their sloppy investigation into allegations that Trump had colluded with Russia during the 2016 presidential election, has turned on them.

In the most recent news, we have learned that the FBI had placed at least one spy within Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. That spy was Stefan Halper. On top of that, Halper had previously worked in the CIA. For all we know, he still does. Halper is the same man who was allegedly involved with interfering in another United States presidential election. Reports have alluded that he was still spying more than nine months after Trump was elected as POTUS.

We have now learned that the Obama White House gave Halper $282,000 to do work for the Obama “Other Defense Agency.” The payment came less than a week after Donald Trump came within a single point of Hillary Clinton in the polls.

Conservative Tribune reports on Halper:

The response from the left and the defunct Obama administration will be predictable. They’ll say it’s a right-wing, fringe conspiracy theory, then they’ll disavow it (unless they’re truly panicking at the prospect of being found out), then they’ll note that Halper was paid to produce an economic study on India and China — the official reason listed for his nearly half-million dollar payout.

We have to admit the chances aren’t zero that Halper was simply hired by an obscure branch of the intelligence community to calculate the number of llamas per square mile in the greater part of Asia. But that’s doubtful.

For much less than $400,000, I could have produced that study. And I’m not the only one. There are literally thousands of academics who would jump at the chance to produce a study like that for far, far less compensation.

Clearly something is off here. It can’t be a coincidence that on July 26 of 2017, the spy was granted another $129,000 for his work in the Sino-Indian study. A couple of days afterwards, Halper sent an email to Carter Page. In the email, Halper questioned Page as to what the Trump team was going to do in regards to the Russia probe. Halper concealed his spying by making small talk and saying that it “would be great to catch up.”

It was reported by Conservative Tribune that “The real point in all of this is that Obama’s government authorized the hiring of Halper, a CIA spook and election puppeteer, for at least $282,000 to produce a paper on India and China for an unnamed ‘other’ defense agency.”

It seems that the spy was looking for any kind of information that he could relay to the FBI, for which they gave him another $129,000. Stefan Halper contacted Page again just two days after government documents show that the second payment was made, asking how the Trump administration was doing in response to the probe.

As details emerge, things are looking worse and worse for the former administration.