DNC Deputy Chair Already Claims Impeachment Could Be on the Horizon for Kavanaugh

Kirsters Baish| Things on the Supreme Court may be heating up if the Democrats are successful in their predicted “blue wave.” Minnesota Democrat and Deputy Chair of the DNC, Keith Ellison, claimed that if the Dems actually take back control of Congress, President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee may be toast.

On Monday, the congressman was in Minneapolis, speaking at a Supreme Court Community Forum. He was asked a question about the future of politics if the Democrats successfully take control back of the legislative branch, as reported by Breitbart News.

Someone asked Ellison, “Would the first matter of business to be to the separation of powers, is there any possibility that the legislative branch will remove a Supreme Court justice?”

He answered by saying, “You’d have to find some evidence of like, corruption, or something like that.”

Then, University of Minnesota Law School professor Jill Hasday gave her two cents.

“I personally, unless you could find evidence that someone was corrupt, or potentially adamantly lying I think it would be very inappropriate. And I don’t mean out of my mind, I just disagree with you, really,” Hasday stated.

“I think that would be very inappropriate and a real threat to judicial independence. I think once someone is on the court, that’s basically it,” she went on.

Ellison wanted to push it further.

“I will say that there have been lower court judges who have been impeached and honestly there were some things that came out with Justice (Clarence) Thomas that I thought were very concerning to me as far as his impartiality. So I agree with Jill, it’s probably not going to happen, but it could theoretically happen,” he stated.

Congressman Ellison’s statements come at a time in which the Senate is getting ready for a brawl over Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation.
 Fox News reported that the Democrats are not exactly thrilled with President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.

Democrat California Senator Kamala Harris claimed to the women of America, “This will forever change your life.” She was referring to the fact that having a conservative majority on the Supreme Court might mean that Roe v. Wade, a case which legalized abortion, has a chance of being overturned. Because according to liberals like Harris, a woman’s “right to choose” what happens to “her own body” is more important than the innocent human life growing inside of her.

Western Journal reports:

Sen. Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut said that for students at the Florida high school that was the scene of a mass shooting, the nominee “is your worst nightmare.”

However, as noted by Fox News media analyst Howard Kurtz, Kavanaugh is likely to make it to the bench.

“In terms of raw politics, as interest groups on both sides prepare to spend millions and partisans ratchet up their rhetoric, Kavanaugh is overwhelmingly likely to be confirmed. Even if the three red-state Democrats stick with their party, Mitch McConnell can win simply by holding on to his 50 votes,” he wrote.

“In picking Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch, he is giving conservatives — and especially religious and evangelical voters — exactly what he promised, with a minimum of drama,” Kurtz wrote.

It was just last year that Ellison bashed Trump’s first Supreme Court nominee, Justice Neil Gorsuch. Ellison went so far as to call Gorsuch “illegitimate.”

Ellison stated during a speech, “I said the other day that I thought that Neil Gorsuch was an illegitimate justice. I had a great progressive come up to me and say, ‘Oh don’t say that, that’s what they say.’ I said, ‘No, wait a minute. This guy escaped every rule that you’re supposed to go through to become a Supreme Court Justice.’ How is he legit? Do not repeat the other side’s talking point.”