Disgusting: What Globalist Elite Were Caught Doing To Trumps At McCain Funeral & After Is Sickening

Washington DC was the site for US Senator John McCain’s memorial service.  The event featured eulogies from some of the biggest names in Globalism.

As expected the globalist cabal, who never misses a good opportunity to grand stand and lecture their enemies from protected posts beyond reproach, decided to use McCain’s corpse as a shield from criticism and attack President Trump who had been ordered to stay away from the service.

The Gateway Pundit Reported: Speaker after speaker, from Meghan McCain, to George W. Bush, to Barack Obama took turns to rip President Trump in words of anger.

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner were in attendance.
They looked sad and embarrassed at the nonstop abuse.

This was a horrific display by the DC elites.

CNN analyst Ana Navarro thought it was funny.

Other liberals and DC elites were outraged that Jared and Ivanka would be at the event.