Disgusting: CNN Caught Using School Shooting To Spread Fake News

Kirsters Baish| After Friday’s mass shooting at a Santa Fe high school, ultra-liberal news network, CNN, reported that our country has seen an average of more than one incident like this per week in 2018. This statistic is extremely misleading, however.

Conservative commentator for the Daily Wire, Ben Shapiro, took the time to explain that CNN user far too broad of parameters in their definition of what a school shooting is. They reported that there have been 22 school shootings this year, but this simply is no so.

CNN’s idea of a school shooting includes any kind of shooting that took place on the property of a school. It doesn’t matter if the gun went off accidentally or if they were related to individuals not associated with the school.

Shapiro explained, “None of these events meet the more typical definition of a school shooting: a multiple-murder attempt on a school campus directed at children. CNN merely broadens the definition to include typical murders that happen to take place on school campuses, or in parking lots, or including non-students.”

Western Journal reports:

Among the 22 counted in CNN’s total are a student shot by another student with a BB gun in New York in April, a non-student who was shot at an apartment on the University of South Alabama campus in March, two non-students who were shot at Central Michigan University in a domestic dispute also in March, and two teenagers who shot a third teen in a robbery attempt outside a school in Maryland in February.

Ben Shapiro explains that the real number of school shootings since the year began sits at seven, not 22.

“That doesn’t mean these incidents are unworthy of reportage,” Shapiro clarifed. “But it’s plainly dishonest to state, as CNN does, that there have been 22 ‘school shootings’ this year.”

“CNN has an agenda, and they won’t let facts get in the way,” he finished off.

Fox News revealed that the Santa Fe school shooting ended with 10 dead and 10 injured.

The suspected shooter, 17-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtzis, is in custody.

President Trump started off a White House event on prison reform this Friday by stopping to speak about the horrific incident and send his well wishes to victims and their families.

President Trump explained, “We grieve for the terrible loss of life and send our support and love to everyone affected by this absolutely horrific attack to the students, families, teachers and personnel at Santa Fe High. We’re with you in this tragic hour and we will be with you forever.”

Our Commander in Chief promised that the White House would do whatever they can to protect students and stop criminals from getting their hands on firearms.

“Everyone must work together at every level of government to keep our children safe,” Trump stated.

“May God heal the injured and may God comfort the wounded, and may God be with the victims and with the victims’ families.”