Elizabeth Warren Just Irrevocably Destroyed Her Career After She Releases Private DNA Analysis … Science Rules Her to Be Roughly 1/512th Native American

Democratic Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren has been stuck in a long-term debate with President Donald Trump about her heritage, but this week it may come to a close as the senator the President nicknamed “Pocahontas” reveals her true roots. The Gateway Pundit reports that Warren used her alleged “Native American heritage” in order to get ahead while attending Harvard University.

Warren claimed to be a minority “Native American” in order to excel academically over those more qualified.

The truth of the matter is that she is a blatant liar, and she is very concerned about the truth damaging her reputation and her chances at a possible 2020 presidential run.

The Harvard Crimson referred to Elizabeth Warren as a Native American and a woman of color back in 1996. Then, in 1998 the University claimed that Warren, “who is Native American,” was the only minority woman on their staff to be tenured.

The Fordham Law Review published an article in 1997 which called Warren the University’s “first woman of color.”

The Politico reported, “Elizabeth Warren has pushed back hard on questions about a Harvard Crimson piece in 1996 that described her as Native American, saying she had no idea the school where she taught law was billing her that way and saying it never came up during her hiring a year earlier, which others have backed up.”

However, the Fordham Law Review article from 1997 called Warren Harvard Law School’s “first woman of color.”

It’s clear that the Democrats are just wanting to hide the lies told by Warren about her background prior to the 2020 presidential election.

Now we have learned that Warren has released a DNA study this week which reports that she is a minimal 1/512th Native American.
The AP reports:

Responding to years of derision by President Donald Trump and other critics, Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Monday released a report on a DNA analysis that provides strong evidence she does, in fact, have Native American heritage.

The analysis on the Massachusetts Democrat was done by Stanford University professor Carlos D. Bustamante. He concluded Warren’s ancestry is mostly European but says “the results strongly support the existence of an unadmixed Native American ancestor.”

Bustamante, a prominent expert in the field of DNA analysis, determined Warren’s pure Native American ancestor appears “in the range of six to 10 generations ago.”…

But if her ancestor is 10 generations back, that could mean she’s just 1/512th Native American,according to the report . That could further excite her critics instead of placating them.

Most Native American tribes require that the percentage of Native blood be 1/16th or higher in order to claim to be of “Native American heritage.”

All this study proved was that Warren is a liar, just as we all previously thought.

You already know conservative actor turned Twitter troll James Woods had to get his knock in on Warren:

lol whoops.

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