Developing: McCabe Makes Good On Threat To Bring Everyone Down, Throws Comey Under Bus, Accuses of Perjury

Kirsters Baish| On Friday night, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was fired from his position. His firing came just two days before he was to officially retire with full benefits. Attorney General Jeff Sessions heard recommendations to fire McCabe from both the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility and the Department of Justice Office of Inspector General prior to making the decision.

It’s looking like McCabe is going down swinging. He was fired for allegedly lying to federal investigators and for making alleged unauthorized disclosures to the media regarding very sensitive investigations. He is being accused of having anonymously leaked information about the status of the Clinton Foundation investigation in 2016 to a Wall Street Journal reporter.

McCabe released a letter after he was terminated. The letter seemed to be an attempt at McCabe giving his side of the story in which he claims that he was “singled out” by President Trump. Something else in McCabe’s statement was very interesting, however. A law professor by the name of Jonathan Turley felt that McCabe was contradicting his former boss, former FBI Director James Comey. Essentially, McCabe accused Comey of committing perjury.

This means that we know that either Comey or McCabe lied about the leaks to the Wall Street Journal reporter. Did McCabe just throw Comey under the bus to save himself, or is McCabe telling the truth and Comey lied under oath?

One way or the other, someone is lying. Only time will tell if McCabe is telling the truth about Comey.