Devastating Pictures of Chuck Schumer Surface Crippling Radical Leftists Narrative

Kirsters Baish| They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, this picture may be worth more than that. It truly says it all. The mainstream media and liberals all over America have been continually bashing President Trump’s performance at Monday’s joint summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland. Democrat Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has been one of President Trump’s harshest critics.

There is a photo circulating the internet which shows the truth about Schumer’s own past, and this guy is a total hypocrite.

In the above photo, Schumer can be seen standing alongside Putin back in 2003, laughing and conversing. The photo was snapped at a Lukoil gas station grand opening in Manhattan, New York, as reported by USA Today back in 2017. President Trump had posted it in a Twitter message.

The picture is important today, despite the fact that it is 15 years old, because Schumer gave a totally ridiculous reaction to President Trump’s summit performance.

The Daily Wire reported that while on the Senate floor this Tuesday, Schumer stated, “I’m from Brooklyn.”

“We learned one thing there, if we learned anything: when there’s a bully around, as Putin is, you show strength. But President Trump showed abject weakness. You know what that means? The bully will continue to take advantage of him. If President Trump was such an easy mark in Helsinki, President Putin will realize he’s an easy mark elsewhere,” Schumer went on.

The Daily Wire reminds us that Schumer had a different opinion back in 2008. He had written a column for the Wall Street Journal in which he pushed to asked for Russia’s help against the nation of Iran.

Schumer even stated that he was happy to help pay for the aid.

Schumer stated, “First, we must treat Russia as an equal partner when it comes to policy in the Caspian Sea region, recognizing Russia’s traditional role in the region. Second, we must offer to make Russia whole if it joins in our Iranian boycott and forgoes trade revenues with Iran. That will cost the U.S. roughly $2 billion to $3 billion a year, about what we spend in Iraq each week. Third, we should tell Mr. Putin we will cease building the ineffective antinuclear missile defense sites in Eastern Europe in return for him joining the boycott … The antimissile system strengthens the relationship between Eastern Europe and NATO, with real troops and equipment on the ground. It mocks Mr. Putin’s dream of eventually restoring Russian hegemony over Eastern Europe.”

Barack Obama left behind this same missile defense system when he became President back in 2009. Democrats didn’t want Russia bringing back their hegemony over Eastern Europe back then… which means at least they’ve been consistent in that.

But, on the same token, Schumer has now called President Trump a traitor just for being at a summit with Putin.

This picture could be a smoking gun. Social media users are not happy about it.

Liberals always seem to accuse Republicans of things because they, themselves, are the guilty party. They are trying to push the blame off on someone else.

Schumer is a hypocrite like most other Washington Democrats. What else is new?