Devastating New Poll Has Democrats Facing Landslide, Proves They Are Losing Voters From Group They Thought They Owned: Millennials

Elder Patriot – Ultimately, most people act in their own self-interest.  And, Democrats are learning that despite their education system’s best indoctrination efforts Millennials are people too.

Millennials are a critical component of any Democrat’s electoral hopes largely because they’re young and idealistic.  With age comes the benefit of experience and an enhanced world view and knowledge of history.

The reality is individually they do care about their personal fortunes and after spending between $150,000 and $250,000 for that diploma they expect more than a job in retail (selling Chinese goods) or as a barista/restroom attendant.

The “Iron Maiden” Margaret Thatcher said it best:

“The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

Now, after inheriting $20 Trillion in debt thanks largely to Dems’ socialist policies, and with little prospects for repaying any of it by following the same path – the Road to Serfdom – Millennials are awakening to the possibilities the economic resurgence, brought on by President Trump’s tough stance on regulations, tax cuts, and trade, can hold for them.

The reality of this basic human reaction was evidenced by a new Reuters/Ipsos poll of 16,000 registered voters that reveals what was once being touted as a Blue Wave in November is more likely to become a Blue Massacre.

As you look at these results remember that elections are won on the margins so any weakness in a key demographic, no matter how small it appears to be, can be a critical determinant in a close election.  And, remember that Democrat losses were fairly broad in 2016 making it even more crucial that they at least hold on to the support they had in 2016 and build on it among Trump voters.

And, that just isn’t happening as this graphic from the poll shows:

It looks like Millennials are waking up to the fact that Making America Great Again is good for them too!

And, in more bad news for Dems, this economic lesson is going to be driven home by their opponents in a relentless barrage of commercials prior to the midterms that will make it impossible for them to hold onto the support they have now.

Bill Maher and others openly rooting for an economic collapse is not going to help.  

Here’s a novel idea; maybe Dems should start developing policies that actually help people get ahead rather than partition them onto plantations.