Devastating Message About Hillary’s Server Found in FBI Office Storing It

Kirsters Baish| WikiLeaks is the secret weapon of everyone in America who is against Hillary Clinton and her corrupt supporters within the federal government, and the online fact database has done it again. During the time that the 2016 presidential campaign was taking place, WikiLeaks published information that would eventually serve to take Clinton down. The information published by WikiLeaks exposed the rigging that took place during the Democrat primary process as well as the wrongdoings of John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign manager.

WikiLeaks is now releasing information about the FBI investigation (if you can even call it an investigation) into Hillary Clinton’s private email server during the time that she was serving as Secretary of State, and this information should be taken extremely seriously.

The website posted a piece of the FBI files that were released under Freedom of Information Act requests this past Saturday… and there is information embedded in the files that leaves us with even more questions about the Clinton “investigation.”

Basically, the FBI took the infamous server which was home to Clinton’s email operation from Platte River Networks in Denver on August 12, 2015. They then took the server to their Operational Technology Division to be stored as item “1B3.”

It was more than two months later when an FBI Special agent went to pick up the server on October 20. He then found out that the chain of custody for the server had gone missing. This is a major issue in any kind of criminal investigation, but for something as huge as this, something that threatens national security, it is catastrophic.

FBI critics took to social media to express their anger with the news:

Conservative Tribune reports:

The distrust of the FBI in that last tweet is the worst part of the whole Bill and Hillary Clinton effect — which has been to pollute everything the couple has been involved with since at least the late 1980s. Until the Clintons came along, most Americans would give the FBI the benefit of the doubt. With every day that passes bringing new revelations of just how much of a pass Hillary’s campaign got, that trust is getting eroded.

The loss of the chain of custody doesn’t necessarily prove the server itself ever left FBI hands, but it does mean the FBI can’t prove its whereabouts from the time the machinery was supposedly taken into government supervision.

We are left wondering whether the server may have been tampered with during the time that it was said to have been stored securely. We are left wondering if critical files had been added, deleted, or modified.

If the same thing happened with a Conservative rather than Hillary Clinton, it’s likely that things would be much different.