Reporter Asks Sarah Sanders if Trump Will Be Impeached: Her Answer Leaves Her Dumbstruck

Kirsters Baish| We’re used to White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and the way she handles herself in situations with liberal reporters. They’re always trying to tear her down or bash President Trump, but she’s always coming back with the best responses. The White House Press Secretary stood in front of the liberal press pool this week and responded to the ridiculousness and hysteria involved with the Michael Cohen plea deal and the former lawyer to the President’s betrayal of the President.

 The liberal media tested Sanders’ patience when they started to ask the same question over and over again. This is nothing new with the leftist press in America. Sanders came back with the ultimate response, which shut the media down at once. One liberal reporter asked Sanders if Trump would be impeached. Sanders gave the reporter a dirty look and then gave her a response that likely sent her back under the rock from where she came.

The White House Press Secretary explained that this is a total liberal “fantasy.” The Democrats have no chance of winning in the upcoming midterm elections or in the 2020 presidential election unless Trump is impeached. She claimed that all the left does is attack Trump.

Take a look at the video below to see what Sarah Huckabee Sanders had to say about Trump:

Once again, Sarah Huckabee showed the liberal press where to shove it, all while retaining her dignity and class. This is why she’s such a great Press Secretary.