Dems, MSM Phony “Racist” Outrage

Elder Patriot – Democrats have been co-opting the English language under the guise of political correctness in order to define their opponents in negative ways for too long.  They’ve gotten away with doing so only spineless Republicans allowed them to do so.

Just a few years back there was major dust-up over the use of the term niggardly. It was trumped up outrage intended to intimidate and damage the politicians who had used it.  The weak-kneed pols folded like cheap suits rather than show the cojones their constituents counted on them to bring to their job.

The term does not have racist origins as a quick search of the Online Etymology Dictionary reveals:

niggard (n.)

“mean person, miser,” late 14c., nygart, of uncertain origin. The suffix suggests French origin (see -ard), but the root word is possibly from earlier nig “stingy” (c. 1300), perhaps from a Scandinavian source related to Old Norse hnøggr “stingy,” from Proto-Germanic *khnauwjaz (source of Swedish njugg “close, careful,” German genau “precise, exact”), and to Old English hneaw “stingy, niggardly,” which did not survive in Middle English.

In fact, when I was growing up in New York City, Blacks were stereotyped in quite the opposite manner.  This was due to all of the Cadillac’s that could be found in the depressed neighborhoods that they lived in.  The term back then to describe what seemed to be their you-can’t-take-it-with–you lifestyle was ni**er-rich.

Now, Democrat Senator Dick Durbin has expanded the definition of racism in the Democrats’ political playbook.  Durbin wants us to believe that describing a place using a salty word can also define a person as racist. 

Sorry Dickie, that dog wont hunt.  Nor should it.

Defining a place as a shithole is a straightforward descriptor of “An extremely dirty, shabby, or otherwise unpleasant place,” according to the Oxford Dictionary.  It also serves as incentive to rise above that.  Or, it should. 

President Trump is having none of Durbin or the mainstream media’s tired attempts to dismiss his accomplishments and label him as a racist.  Trump can stand on the most important measure of all to prove his America First policies are not racially motivated.  Black employment.

CNN Money ran this headline on January 5, 2018:

“Black unemployment hits all-time low”

Laying the groundwork so that businesses create jobs for people – people of all colors – so that they can elevate themselves out of, or gentrify, the shitholes Democrat policies have left them in, is the American way.

It always has been and, if we’re smart, it always will be.

Durbin, his fellow Dems, and the mainstream media all know that if Trump can repeat the performance of his first year for each of the next seven years, Blacks will drop them like a hot coal.  This is the reason foul-mouthed race-pimps like Maxine Waters, Al Green and John Lewis are selling out their brothers and sisters and calling for Trump’s impeachment.

This was also the reason that Durbin used the occasion of Martin Luther King Day to denigrate Trump.  He was intent on countering the images coming from Trump’s White House ceremony that told a completely different story.

They had decades to help their people and now that President Trump is actually doing that they must destroy him or they will lose their power base. 

Over time and with results, the people will figure this out.  They will come to appreciate that their improved standard of living is worth the trade-off for having a hard-nosed street fighter representing them in Washington.  Something they currently need in the urban plantations that the Dems built for them.

In today’s doctrinally straightjacketed environment, political correctness has scared off lesser men who challenged the Dems’ orthodoxy on speech.  People who like Trump’s results but complain that he needs to be more “presidential” don’t get it.  Trump needs to be Trump.

Like Marines storming the barricades, language doesn’t, and shouldn’t matter.

The days of politicians defining their opponents instead of the problems they face is over.  At least as long as Donald Trump is president.