Democrats Thought They Had Latinos On Their Plantation, Then They Get Devastating News From The Trump Train

Kirsters Baish| Western Journal Politics reports that leftist pollsters are now claiming that they are confused by the mass amounts of Latinos who are abandoning the Democratic Party to support President Donald Trump.

Principal of the Democrat polling firm, Bendixen & Amandi International, Fernand Amandi, said to CNN, “My instant analysis is it’s because of the economy.”

“These are people who are not necessarily paying attention to every inning of political baseball,” he continued. “They are working. They are maybe getting a little bit more money.”

This means everything when it comes to political support. NBC/Wall Street Journal’s most recently national poll showed that the President’s approval rating currently sits at 39 percent among the Latino community. This is much higher than the 28 percent of the community’s vote that Trump walked away with in the 2016 presidential election.

Amandi stated that Latinos should be showing support for Democrats rather than Republicans due to the President’s position on issues like illegal immigration.

Amandi stated, “I still think it’s a little too soon to push the panic button, but having said that, we are not seeing the types of numbers with Hispanic voters that we should be seeing with the most hostile person to ever hold public office against Hispanics as the president. And that in and of itself is a concern.

“I’m flabbergasted,” he continued.

University of Texas at Austin’s Texas Politics Project manager of polling and research, Joshua Blank, stated that “the assumption Latinos will be Democrats flies in the face of the reality he sees in Texas.”

He explained, “The reality is there are about one-third of Texas Hispanics who hold relatively restrictionist attitudes on immigration, support Republican positions, support Republican candidates. … It’s not that Trump comes along and Texas Hispanics are saying: ‘What’s going on here?’ It’s what has been going on here, and they have already arrived at those opinions.”

Latino unemployment rates have reached an all-time low since Trump took office in 2017.

As of this past June, the Latino unemployment rate among adults was 4.6 percent/ This is the lowest rate that has ever been recored since 1973. This is when the unemployment rate among Latinos was first tracked, as reported by CNS News.

The unemployment rate among Latinos has been on average 5 percent since February of 2017. The Latino unemployment rate during the Obama era averaged around 9.4 percent consistently.

CNN commentator Steve Cortes wrote a Real Clear Politics Op-Ed piece in which he claimed that the issue in our country was the economy.

Cortes wrote, “I believe Hispanics are generally very practical people and seek from government not a laundry list of deliverables but rather the conditions in our country for the increased prosperity and security of our communities. Policies that stimulate small business are especially helpful since Hispanics are, statistically, by far the most entrepreneurial demographic in America.

“So, as President Trump pursues policies that drive growth and public safety — such as tax cuts and cracking down on the MS-13 gang — no wonder his popularity rises apace among Latinos.”