Democrats Reveal the Real Reason for “March for Our Lives”… and it’s Worse Than We Thought

Kirsters Baish| Masses of brainwashed Americans made their way to the “March for Our Lives” rally in Washington, D.C. this Saturday. Credit for putting on this event is being given to the kids from the Parkland, Florida school shooting. The thing is, we are a little more aware than the mainstream media wants us to believe, and the kids weren’t the ones putting on the march. The Democratic Party and it’s special interest groups are responsible. The march was organized by far left groups such as Planned Parenthood and the Women’s March. They kept claiming that the whole thing wasn’t meant to be political. They claimed that it was simply about stopping gun violence in our country and that it was a bipartisan event. The whole thing was simply a big DNC voter registration push.

Fox News attended a march in Parkland, Florida, where some of the survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting were protesting. As the rallies progressed, it was clear that the majority of those marching had no idea what they were marching for. Many attendees didn’t have the slightest clue about guns or details of the Second Amendment.

One teen who was interviewed literally had zero idea what she was saying. She thought assault rifles were legal in the United States. They are not. She believed that AR-15s were weapons of war. They are not. No modern military would send their solders into combat with a semi-automatic rifle.  She also believed that all mass shooters use AR-15s… because that is what the mainstream media keeps insisting. Most mass shootings are committed with handguns. No one with a mental health issue should not be able to have access to guns, this is something we all seem to agree on and should work to do our best to achieve. Authorities need to enforce the laws that are already in effect.

What has David Hogg been doing since the Parkland shooting except attacking all conservatives in our country and the entire NRA. He has been hanging up on President Trump and showing a complete lack of respect for our country and the rights of all American citizens.

The real reason for the march was announced by Parkland survivor Emma Gonzalez who stated, “Get out there and vote. Get our there and get registered.” It’s all about pushing people to vote for Democrats.

The whole thing is a big DNC voter registration rally. That’s all the entire march was.

It was reported that almost every single block in Washington D.C. had a voter registration table.

Just in case you weren’t aware who they were targeting:

All the Democrats are trying to do is get more voters. They don’t care that they’re using these kids in the process. They are hoping to win the midterms and get ready for the 2020 presidential election where they hope to take back the White House. Insert eye roll here. Taking away people’s rights isn’t the way to get votes.