Democrats Lose Their Collective Minds As Mitch McConnell Makes ‘Yuge’ Supreme Court Announcement: Appointment Coming Before Midterms

Kirsters Baish| With this week’s breaking news that Justice Anthony Kennedy would be retiring, the Democrats have been losing their minds. Now, things are really heating up after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s announcement today, in which he explained that the Senate is scheduling a vote to secure President Trump’s pick for Kennedy’s successor on the Supreme Court… before midterm elections.

Justice Kennedy spent thirty years serving in the Supreme Court and was a crucial swing vote in multiple situations. The Dems are terrified that the Republicans will be replacing Kennedy with an even more conservative justice. The Democrats really have no say in it if the Republicans continue to ban together, thanks to former Democratic Senator Harry Reid.

Back in 2013, in an attempt to help the Democrats at the time, Reid got rid of the filibuster. This change still allows any nominee to be approved by a simple majority. This means that the party that is in the minority cannot filibuster or stop it. Currently, the Republicans hold 51 seats and the Democrats hold only 49 seats.

Biz Pac Review reports that Mitch McConnell had issued a warning to the Democrats in 2013 when they did away with the filibuster that they would regret it. At the time, the Senate Majority Leader was Democrat Harry Reid, and he began the process to change the rules of the Senate in order to stop the minority from being able to filibuster nominations.

Five years ago, McConnell said on the Senate floor, “You’ll regret this, and you may regret this a lot sooner than you think.”

It just seems appropriate that McConnell would be the one to make today’s announcement.

The Democrats don’t have a lot of options at this point, and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer proved just how desperate the Party is when he attempted to push his own interpretation of the “Biden Rule.” He insisted that Mitch McConnell be barred from scheduling a vote in an election year.

Take a look:

The thing is that the “Biden Rule,” which was put into place by the Republican Party in order to stop early voting then-president Barack Obama’s nominee Merrick Garland, can only be called on during a presidential election year. It has nothing to do with voting in a midterm election year. reports on the matter:

Schumer argued that it was extremely hypocritical if they voted on a nominee in this year, saying they should wait until 2019 (and what he hopes is a more favorable Senate and in some extremists’ best dreams, after an impeachment of Trump).

In fact, this is nonsense as the Senate voted to approve Elena Kagan in August 2010 in a midterm election year.

So it’s a sad play by Schumer and the Democrats which Republicans are not going to buy. But the Democratic base is going crazy and want something done.

Mitch McConnell stated, “We are going to vote on the nominee this fall.” President Trump already has multiple eligible candidates on his list of 25 from back when he nominated Justice Neil Gorsuch.

Things are looking better by the day for Republicans.