Democratic Party Accused of Having Illegally Funneled Millions Into Hillary Clinton Campaign

Kirsters Baish| A new lawsuit that has been filed claims that as many as 40 state Democrat Party organizations worked alongside the 2016 Clinton campaign in order to try and find loopholes in campaign finance laws to further fund their candidate. Because of this, up to $84 million could have been moved into failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, as reported by Fox news. The lawsuit was filed by campaign finance attorney, Dan Backer.

Backer’s suit claims that the actions of these Democrats were a part of an “unprecedented nationwide scheme to violate federal campaign finance law in which $84 million was effectively laundered over more than a year by the Hillary Victory Fund through dozens of state political party committees to the Democratic National Committee and, ultimately, to Hillary for America.”

The complaint was filed with the Federal Elections Commission by the Committee to Defend the President.

The Bangor Daily News reported that Backer explained, “The money was papered to make it look like it passed through state committees.” He went on to explain that state parties didn’t have that kind of money. “And that makes this entire money laundering operation a scheme to circumvent base contribution limits to make massively excessive six-figure contributions through straw entities on paper in order to deliver them to Hillary Clinton’s control. It is exceedingly illegal to do have done so.”

On Friday, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that Backer stated, “You had individuals giving $300,000. They’re not doing it because they care about Nevada’s or Arkansas’ state party. They’re doing it to curry favor with and buy influence with Hillary Clinton.”

Initially, the money came from the Hillary Victory Fund. This organization had already agreed to divide the money among the states, but Backer claims that the money never showed up. He explained that the organization had claimed to have sent $1.7 million to the Nevada Democratic Party between December of 2015 to November of 2016, however the state of Nevada only reported that they had received $146,200. Backer stated that the money went to the Democratic National Committee instead. The Hillary Victory Fund sent the rest of the $1.6 million to the Nevada Party. It was received by the DNC, and as Backer explains, the money never even made it to the Nevada Party’s reports.

Western Journal reports:

Backer’s lawsuit claims that in Idaho, the plan sent $1.6 million to Clinton’s campaign that should have gone to the state party. However, the complaint also notes that state parties may not have had a role in the plan because all the transfers were made by the Clinton campaign or DNC, according to The Idaho Statesman.

Delaware’s state Democratic Party took in $2.4 million from the Hillary Victory Fund, but then shipped almost all of that according to WXDE.

Backer said the paper trail shows this was an organized effort by those associated with the Clinton campaign to circumvent campaign finance rules.

Backer stated, “There were 11 transactions where the Democratic State Committee of Delaware (Delaware Democratic Party) forwarded $2.5 million to the Democratic National Committee, and so these funds were raised, transferred to the Delaware Democratic Party and then transferred to the DNC on the exact same day, or at least that’s what was reported. For example, November 2, 2016, $59,000 was reported transferred from the Hillary Victory Fund to the State Committee, and then the Delaware State Committee reports receiving it and then reports sending it to the DNC who also reports receiving that exact same amount.”

The campaign finance attorney continued on to explain that the scheme directly breaks the law because “the Supreme Court has said that we can impose a contribution limit on how much any one individual can give to any one candidate, state party, or political action committee. It doesn’t pass the sniff test. If I give you a million dollars for your campaign, I may not have bought anything, but it looks that way. The Supreme Court has widely upheld these base limits.”

Backer’s claims were scoffed at by state-level Democrats. A spokeswoman for the Nevada Democratic Party, Helen Kalla, stated, “This is nothing more than a bogus political stunt feebly designed to distract from vulnerable Republicans’ disastrous agenda.”