Democrat Senator Mark Warner On The Verge Of Being Exposed For Spy-Gate Role, Mueller Seemingly Refusing To Follow The Evidence

Opinion EP –Adam Waldman is at attorney with some interesting connections – both clients and a particular U.S. Senator.  As facts have come to light Waldman has become central to the Russian collusion investigation. And special counsel Robert Mueller wants no part of questioning him.

Here’s why.

Waldman represented the author of the discredited dossier, Christopher Steele, that was used to obtain the initial FISA warrant against Carter Page and by extension to spy on Donald Trump’s campaign team.  It was used an additional three times to secure renewal of the warrants after Trump had been elected president.

Waldman also represented Oleg Deripaska, the Russian oligarch who has significant connections to Putin and the Kremlin.

Finally, Waldman was in constant communication with Virginia Senator Mark Warner who is the co-chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.  The SSCI has been the most corrupt committee in either house of congress for decades.

The SSCI is where politicians found to be acting in criminal concert with the Deep State and/or it’s corporate and global allies are protected lest they bring the entire corrupt house of cards down on everyone else.  

Warner has also abused his position as co-chair to further the corrupt the narrative against President Trump.

The FBI has used Deripaska as an asset since at least 2009.  In exchange for Deripaska’s help the FBI granted travel visas on an as needed basis to the Russian who was otherwise banned from entering the U.S..  In 2009 Robert Mueller was the director of the FBI. Roll that around in your mind for a while as we tie all of this together.

Just to recap where we are so far, in 2017 Oleg Deripaska was represented in the U.S. by Adam Waldman.  At the same time Waldman was representing Christopher Steele, the author of the Dossier.

It’s hardly a stretch to believe that Mueller –  if he was truly intent on following the facts – might have opened an investigation into the likelihood that Deripaska was both Steele’s source and employer; considering that Waldman had been representing both of them.

But there’s more to Waldman’s involvement than just representing the interests of two foreign nationals and it goes a long way towards explaining why Waldman is ducking an invitation to testify by Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley..

Waldman was trying to set up a meeting with Senator Warner, a meeting that Warner demanded be secret and absent any paper trail leading up to it as text messages between the two clearly indicate:

Deripaska realized the corrupt investigation that was unfolding against former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, and by extension President Trump and he asked Waldman to help him frame his involvement before the FBI did.  This began with a story given to investigative reporter John Solomon.

When the FBI first approached him about helping them develop dirt on Donald Trump in 2016, Deripaska told them “You are trying to create something out of nothing.”

Deripaska offered to testify before congress.  It’s hard to envision any scenario where Devin Nunes would’ve blocked that testimony before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence that he chairs.

On the other hand, given what we now know, it is very easy to envision why Mark Warner would want Deripaska to be blocked from testifying.

After two years of internal investigations – first by the FBI and later by the special counsel – it appears that they are still “trying to create something out of nothing.”

The problem facing special counsel Robert Mueller is that all of the evidence linking Waldman, Russian Oligarch Deripaska, the author of the dossier Christopher Steele, and Senator Mark Warner to a broader plot to destroy Donald Trump continues emerging and an ever more rapid rate.

This includes the likelihood that Deripaska funded Steele’s work on the dossier as a quid pro quo for continued travel visas into the United States and/or for other considerations:

This is making Mueller’s task of tying Russian interference with helping candidate Trump difficult impossible to prove without blowing the lid off of Mueller and the FBI’s complicity in framing both candidate and President Trump in the interest of protecting both Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, himself, and his band of 17 desperate partisan hacks.

It’s becoming clear that the only people engaged in obstructing this investigation is Robert Mueller, his team of 17 angry Democrats, and Rod Rosenstein.