David Hogg Meets His Match… A 16-Year-Old Pro-Gun Teenage Girl

Kirsters Baish| With all of the hype about David Hogg from the mainstream media, you would think that he is the voice of his entire generation, but this simply isn’t the case, and we learned this recently when Hogg finally met his match, a 16-year-old pro-gun teenage girl.

We’ve heard Hogg call gun owners, “pathetic f***ers that want to keep killing our children,” but as millions of Americans who value their Second Amendment right to bear arms know, this is a far cry from the truth. If anything, law-abiding American citizens who do own guns do so in order to protect our children. There is another teenager out there who has a very different view from Hogg, and she decided that it was time to make her voice heard as well.

Her name is Elizabeth Najjar, and she is a high school student who has delved into the gun control debate, just as Hogg has, but the only difference is that she is on the opposite side of it.

Najjar posted the video to Facebook earlier this month. In the video, the teenager explains her view on guns, and more than 85,000 people have viewed it since then. Elizabeth explains, “It’s so easy for a high school student to just go along with the liberal agenda. It is hard to be a student, who supports gun rights and a conservative student.”

She makes a very important point. It has been seeming more and more like the idea of liberalism is more of a trend for millennials than an actual belief system. It has become “cool” to be liberal, so the majority of young people tend to gravitate towards the Democratic Party.

BizPac Review reported that Najjar is a 16-year-old girl who lives in Virginia. She adamantly disagreed with David Hogg when it came down to the idea of gun control. She reminded everyone watching her video that the government was the issue in the case of the Parkland, Florida high school mass shooting, which took place in February of this year.

She declared, “This is a society problem, this is a people problem. People weren’t doing their jobs. I mean, the FBI was alerted about Cruz so many times, and nothing happened.”

While Hogg has the right to his own opinion, Najjar pointed out that he and his liberal friends don’t seem to have basic understandings when it comes to things like guns or American gun laws.