David Hogg Launches Obscene Attack on Pro-Gun Politicians. Then He Gets Put in His Place … Perfectly

Kirsters Baish| Masses of brainwashed millennials having been taking part in the liberal #WhatIf campaign on social media. What the hashtag basically does is allow the left to exploit youngsters into backing up their political talking points. Take a minute to think about it. The same generation that consumes tide pods thought up a national campaign? I highly doubt that. These kids have perfectly coordinated talking points, have been making tons of television appearances, and have blown up on social media. This wasn’t by accident.

Then, we have to take into account all of the professionally produced videos that survivor turned anti-gun activist David Hogg keeps releasing. 

It seems more like our politicians are being controlled by the corrupt organization of Planned Parenthood. Politicians who support organizations like Planned Parenthood are supporting baby killers, but ironically they are claiming that the NRA is full of “child murderers.” The NRA was never linked to the Parkland, Florida school shooting, despite the left blaming the NRA for the whole thing.

Although many of the Parkland surviving students are taking the route of anti-gun crusaders, there are a few who disagree with David Hogg. Kyle Kashuv is one of those students.

The the #StopSchoolViolenceAct were to pass, this would mean that the left was serious about getting something done. The sad part is that they aren’t serious, and nothing will be done. The act will not pass.

The truth of the matter is that the anti-Second Amendment left is using these students to do their dirty work. They then come back and call conservatives the monsters for saying that these students should be in school learning, not out in the streets protesting violently. The left is obviously losing the argument if they have to use students to get their point across.

The left needs to stop hiding behind these students. They do not want to find real solutions to the issues at hand. They simply want to point fingers and take away guns from law abiding American citizens.