Watch Elizabeth Warren Speechless, Consumed W/ Panic When She Learns About Ethics Complaint During Live Debate

We all know that Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren (or as President Trump nicknamed her, “Pocahontas”) loves claiming that she is Native American. Now we have learned that Warren was at a loss for words during a live debate on Tuesday evening when she was told for what seemed to be the first time that there was an ethics complaint lodged against her in regards to her fundraising efforts during the hearings for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

The Democratic Senator from Massachusetts recently made it known to America that she is 1/1,024 Native American, which essentially proved President Trump’s point that she was using her “heritage” to get ahead in the political world. The woman is a fake. She was made to look like an even bigger fool when her political opponent, Republican nominee Geoff Diehl, mentioned the ethics complaint.

“Senator Warren was fundraising illegally using the vote on Justice Kavanaugh, the confirmation vote, to try to raise money for her campaigns,” Diehl bluntly stated.

Diehl was talking about a complaint that had been sent to the Senate Select Committee on Ethics this past Monday.

Senator Warren seemed to be in shock. The moderators then came to the rescue, cutting off the Massachusetts Democrat in the middle of her complaining about the President.

The moderator questioned, “I would like to drill down on what Representative Diehl said. The fundraising while the vote was being taken on the Kavanaugh hearing…did you or did you not do that?”

“Actually, I don’t know,” Warren answered.

The audience could clearly be heard gasping at Warren’s response.

“Yes, there’s an ethics complaint that has been filed about a fundraising email,” a moderator answered matter-of-factly.

“Then, then I will, I will check into it,” Warren stated, seeming to be in shock, “but I don’t know.”

Take a look at the video below from Free Beacon:

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