Crazy Racist White Woman Blocks a Black Man From Delivering Food To Her Building [VIDEO]

A video posted on Instagram shows a crazy white woman in Los Angeles actively blocking a black man from doing his job delivering food to a customer in crazy woman’s apartment building, asking the delivery guy, who was wearing a mask, “Is this a holdup or something?”

What is it with California women?  On Monday we reported on a woman in Rancho Mirage, California who badgered a gardener working at a city-owned housing complex, eventually saying, “Show me your papers,” indicating he could possibly be an illegal alien.

The footage, posted Wednesday on Instagram by Jordan Mykel Gipson, reveals a encounter he had with an unidentified white woman at an apartment building in Los Angeles’ Westwood section.


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“So, a Karen stopped me from doing my job,” Gipson posted in a video of him holding several containers of food outside the building.

“I don’t want you here,” the woman said. “I don’t want you here at all.”

Gipson works for Postmates, a company like DoorDash that delivers food from local restaurants.  He asked the woman to just let him do his job as he was talking to his customer through an intercom system. The woman who confronted him also referred to him as a “delivery boy,” the footage shows.  Yikes!

“Can you not film me?” the woman asked Gipson  as soon as she saw he was videoing her blocking him from the building. “Don’t point that f–king thing at me.”

I often wonder what year we live in when I hear stories about people like this woman.  I thought Californians were supposed to be woke and sensitive to racial and ethnic issues.

“This is really terrible,” Gipson can be heard saying at one point in the video, asking the woman to move away from him. “This is horrible.”

He then asked the customer if it was okay for him to leave the food by the door just to get away from another California Karen, and the customer said they’d be right down to retrieve their order.

The man explained to her that this was just one of his 3 jobs, but she wasn’t buying it, because she was ostensibly annoyed by his LA Dodgers hat and his green mask.


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‘Is this a hold up or something?’ 🤦🏾‍♂️ #fuckkaren

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“Is this a holdup or something?” the woman asks. “Just take it off.”

I wonder if Gavin Newsom would have the old bat arrested for trying to get him to remove his mask?

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