Country Music Star Uses One Picture of Colin Kaepernick to Totally Wreck Nike Campaign

Kirsters Baish| As we reported yesterday, this week Nike revealed that former 49ers quarterback and the man who started the trend of anthem kneeling protests on the football field Colin Kaepernick was the new face of their 30th anniversary campaign. It’s a strange marketing move, considering the fact that since the news broke just two days ago, flocks of Americans have took to the internet to express their disgust with the brand. Some users have even filmed themselves burning their Nike shoes.

Another American who wasn’t shy about expressing his opinion on the matter was none other than Country star John Rich.

Look at the advertisement of Kaepernick below:

So… Nike is claiming that Kaepernick sacrificed everything for a “social justice” movement.

Then, there was a tweet that Conservative Tribune reported on which played a key piece in where Kaepernick is today. The Tribune writes, “Take, for instance, when he was about to get signed with the Baltimore Ravens. His girlfriend, radio personality Nessa, decided to kill any possibility of him getting signed with a tweet that compared the relationship between the franchise’s greatest player and its owner with that of a slave to his slave master, using ‘Django Unchained’ as a metaphor.”

Interestingly enough, not long after the tweet was posted, the deal was called off.

In 2016, during a game against the Miami Dolphins (an American city with a high number of Cuban exiles) Kaepernick stated, “One thing that Fidel Castro did do is they have the highest literacy rate because they invest more in their education system than they do in their prison system, which we do not do here, even though we’re fully capable of doing that.”

Castro imprisoned and killed countless of his own citizens.

Chances of Kaepernick ever playing in Florida went right down the drain at this point.

John Rich of Big & Rich reminded Americans about a pair of socks that Kaepernick had worn on the field:

Take a look at Kaepernick kneeling during the anthem… wearing the infamous cop pig socks:

At the time, his explanation included a lot of avoiding the answer and claiming that he had friends who were police officers.

He wrote, “I wore these socks, in the past, because the rogue cops that are allowed to hold positions in police departments, not only put the community in danger, but also put the cops that have the right intentions in danger by creating an environment of tension and mistrust. I have two uncles and friends who are police officers and work to protect and serve ALL people. So before these socks, which were worn before I took my public stance, are used to distract from the real issues, I wanted to address this immediately.”

Then he gave $25,000 to Assata’s Daughters, a group that “carries on the tradition of radical liberatory activism encompassed by Assata Shakur.” Conservative Tribune explains that “Assata Shakur was the nom de guerre of Joanne Chesimard, who was convicted of shooting and killing New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster during an early morning traffic stop in 1973. She escaped jail and fled to Cuba.”

Rich called Kaepernick out writing, “When you compare police to PIGS, this ends the discussion for me. If you don’t find a problem with that, then feel free to unfollow me. The police JUST SHOWED UP at our concert to protect and serve, I’ll ask them what they think and get back to you…”

Nike is about to see a major decline in American support.