Cornered Rat: Obama’s Former AG, Eric Holder, Threatens GOP Congress: Halt Spy-Gate FISA Investigation … Or Else

Elder Patriot – A week ago, Obama’s former Attorney General Eric Holder sent forth a threat to the House Republicans whose investigation is on the verge of exposing Obama-era corruption of such depth and breadth that it would likely bring down the entire Democratic Party apparatus.  

Less than a week later outspoken Republican member of the House Committee on the Judiciary, Jim Jordan became the target of false allegations from the left.  It took a modicum of digging by the Daily Caller to uncover the scumbags willing to bear false testimony against Jordan.

But the message had been sent and you can be certain that other elected officials on both sides of the aisle heard it loudly and clearly.  And unfortunately, unlike Jordan, many have ugly skeletons in their closets.

What else could Holder possibly be holding over their heads if not a treasure trove of illegally obtained dossiers compiled under his watch and later by his successor Loretta Lynch?  It’s not like they’re in a position to deny that these dossiers exist. Hell, if they don’t exist you don’t think they’d make some up, do you?

The recent decision to give Imran Awan a slap on the wrist, and all 40, or 44, or 144 House Democrats who employed him a pass, was an indication why wrongdoing is never punished by the bodies whose members have committed it.  

They are too concerned about protecting their own rear ends to dare to prosecute those who get caught.