Congressman Meadows: House Oversight Committee Has Discovered the Identities of Reporters Who Strzok and Page Leaked Information to

Opinion| This past Wednesday evening, Freedom Caucus Chairman/Republican Ohio Representative Jim Jordan and Freedom Caucus founder/Republican North Carolina Representative Mark Meadows sat down with Fox News’ Sean Hannity. They spoke about the most recently discovered string of text messages sent between ex-FBI agent Peter Strzok and his mistress/colleague former FBI attorney Lisa Page. The messages proves that the FBI and the Justice Department had worked together in order to try and “stop” President Donald Trump.

The Gateway Pundit reports that the newest text messages from the clearly anti-Trump bureau officials proves their feelings toward Trump, and their intent. It also shows that they were leaking information to the media. The documents that the House Oversight Committee obtained show that former FBI agents/Deep State operatives Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were talking about a “strategy” they were testing out, leaking unverified information to the press, all to try and wreck Trump’s reputation and career.

Earlier today, Representative Jordan explained to Stuart Varney that one leftist journalist is said to have had 13 separate sources from within the bureau who gave him information.

Last night, Meadows explained to Hannity that Congress is aware of the identities of the liberal reporters who were working with the Deep State in their attempt to ruin Trump.

Meadows stated, “There are dozens of other documents that will support the fact that Peter Strzok and Lisa Page had ongoing relationships with multiple reporters and that they were feeding them information to spin a narrative against this president… We know that James Comey leaked, we know that Andrew McCabe leaked, we know that Peter Strzok and Lisa Page leaked. We also know that the reporters who they leaked to know that they leaked. And look we got names. We also have the reporters’ names.”

Take a look at the video clip from Hannity:

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