Condoleezza Rice Destroys ‘Gun Control’ Nuts With POWERFUL Story About Her Father, Guns And Segregation …

Kirsters Baish| Secretary of State for former President George W. Bush, Condoleezza Rice, stated on Thursday on ABC’s “The View” that she is a firm supporter of the Second Amendment. She explained that guns helped her own father and neighbors protect their families in the South during the time of segregation in our country.

Rice stated, “Let me tell you why I’m a defender of the second Amendment. I grew up in Alabama in the late ’50s, early ’60s. There was no way that Bull Connor and the Birmingham police were going to protect you. When knight riders would come through our neighborhood, my father and friends would take their guns and fire in the air if anybody came through. I don’t think they actually hit anybody. But they protected the neighborhood.”

I’d like to see the far left try and talk their way out of this one. They would rather innocent people die at the hands of knight riders rather than defending themselves? If they are truly against the Second Amendment and truly believe that American citizens shouldn’t own guns, then they would rather these neighborhoods have been compromised during segregation in the United States. This is disgustingly irresponsible.

Rice continued on, “I’m sure if Bull Connor had known where they were he would have rounded them up. I don’t favor some things like gun registration.”

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It is more than likely that Conservatives and Liberals will remain on opposite sides of the fence when it comes to the Second Amendment and gun control in the United States, but anyone who hears Rice’s story must admit that guns did help protect their entire neighborhood during segregation. Shouldn’t this at least warrant thinking more about the possibility that firearms are meant to protect, not to kill? But, unfortunately, the left doesn’t seem interested in budging.