Condoleezza Rice Breaks Silence on Mueller Investigation On ‘The View’, Sends Adam Schiff Scurrying For Cover

Kirsters Baish| Former President George W. Bush’s Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, fired back at Adam Schiff, and she wasn’t messing around. She is an expert when it comes to Russia and Vladimir Putin, and on top of that is one of the most accomplished women in the modern world.

Rice is a dedicated Republican, mainly because she has witnessed first hand all of the damage that leftist policies can do. The United States of America is riddled with the leftover damage from Democratic “good intentions.” The inner cities of our country won’t be fixed anytime soon.

Rice appeared on the View today alongside Democrat Adam Schiff. She knew exactly what to say to scare the crap out of Schiff. The United States is governed by the rule of law.

If the Trump administration did anything close to what Special Counsel Robert Mueller is doing with his witch hunt, they would be in deeper horse crap than they could imagine. What is Adam Schiff doing while Mueller conducts his witch hunt? What he’s been doing is living in his fantasy of running for president.

All it took was Condoleezza to put him back in his place. She stated, “I appreciate what you’re doing for the country — but I really hope you can wrap it up…The country needs to get back to business, so… my greatest hope is that this gets done.”

Take a look at the clip below: