Comey Just Got Exposed For Who He Really Is … A Lying Fraud

Elder Patriot – If the measure of a man comes from whether he leaves the people and things he’s touched better off than when he first encountered them then former FBI director James Comey is an abject failure.

The fact that he is hawking a book in an attempt to rehabilitate himself can’t change the fact that virtually everyone whose lives he touched is worse off than before he came into them.  His Hillary Clinton “Blame Tour” that kicks off today won’t change the legacy he leaves behind.

It was because of Comey’s abject politicalization of the once vaunted investigative agency that Americans have lost faith in the bureau.  Despite the apologists who want to salvage the agency, the carnage wasn’t limited to the executive suite.  It is endemic and that threatens the safety of everyday Americans who once revered the FBI.

From top to bottom the FBI is a dysfunctional mess caused by Comey’s acquiescence to Obama’s demand to politicize and make public every investigation that held any promise to score points for Obama’s leftist agenda.

Those of us who take an occasional break from the mainstream media to explore the truth know that Comey staffed the executive offices of the FBI so as to turn it into an adjunct of the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign – Opposition Research Division.  Of course, the switch to oppo research came after Comey’s team – or, should I say Obama/Hillary’s team – had conveniently disposed of legitimate cases against her and allowed the evidence to be destroyed so that future investigators wouldn’t be able to resurrect the investigations and prove that Comey had buried them as a matter of political expediency.

If Comey’s corrupt direction of the executive suite was the limit to his violation of the once proud agency that would’ve been enough.  Unfortunately, under Comey’s mismanagement and poor hiring decisions the corpse rots to its poisoned core and the mission of the bureau is no longer easily definable. 

From Parkland, Florida to the Orlando Pulse nightclub to San Bernardino to Garland, Texas to the Boston Marathon, FBI local field offices failed in their basic mission to protect Americans, despite numerous red flags and prior warnings.

The agency, consumed by political correctness and a politically attuned blind eye – blind to the concept of blind justice – no longer serves, or is capable of serving the American people.

Despite a new director, appointed by Donald Trump, the FBI continues running opposition research for whoever and whatever remains of the Obama holdovers that Comey sold his soul to.