CORRECTION: College Bans 9/11 Memorial Posters

This article was based on a Western Journalism article which has since been corrected you can read the correction HERE 

Snopes Claims:

YAF’s poster does not exclusively commemorate 9/11; it also refers to seven other well-known Islam-related terrorist attacks or incidents of violence against American citizens. When YAF put up the poster around the campus of Ripon College in 2017, it caused a controversy and prompted complaints from some students.

In August 2018, at a meeting which YAF itself requested, some Ripon College administrators criticized the poster and discouraged YAF from displaying it on campus again. However, school officials did not ban the poster, and Ripon College does not have a policy requiring prior approval for posters on their campus (unless they are advertisements for outside businesses).

It remains to be seen whether YAF will put up the poster on campus again in 2018, whether other students will complain to school officials if they do, and what course of action (if any) Ripon College will take in response.