Colleagues Face Says It All As Nancy Pelosi Shows What Appears To Be Serious Signs of Mental Competency Issues During Speech

Kirsters Baish| Democrat House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has been slowly losing her marbles for a while now. Over the years, we have seen her speeches become more and more incoherent. She often slurs her words and has trouble finding the right words. She makes some strange statements when speaking in front of crowds lately. Many people have suggested that Pelosi may be suffering from some kind of mental health issue, although there has been no solid evidence of such problem.

This past Tuesday, Pelosi addressed the media during a Democrat briefing for members of the House Intelligence Community. She could barely get the word “intelligence” out, let alone deliver an entire speech. The whole thing was truly painful to watch. The American Mirror reported that Pelosi mispronounced multiple words.

Pelosi almost seemed to be having facial spasms throughout the entire speech. She could be heard stuttering and mumbling.

Her colleague’s faces say it all. Take a look at the video for yourself:

Pelosi struggled to get the words out, “I’m very honored to stand, uh, before members of the House Intel … ligensh Committee, past and present.” She had a hard time with the word “intelligence” and seemed to be suffering from some kind of facial twitch.

“We also want to protect … we also want to protect the Mull … the integrity of the Mueller investigation,” she went on.

She then tried to give her young colleague, California Representative Eric Swalwell, credit, but couldn’t pronounce his name for the life of her.

“Early on, the leadership of Congressman Earl … uh, Eric Swalwell,” Pelosi stated.

Then Pelosi began reminiscing about her years in the Intelligence Community. She fumbled around for the words, “So I knew the challenge that members face there. That’s why I had the pava … uh, um … privilege …”

Later on in her address, Pelosi started to scrunch up her face, almost as if she was in pain. She claimed that she wanted to “associate myself with the remarks in support of our men and women” within the intelligence community.

Then it seemed as though she went through a bout of brain freeze. She tried to explain that it had been a long time ago when she served in the Intelligence community, ending up saying “a long time ago.”

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Then, Pelosi tried to bash President Trump by citing comments from the Director of National Intelligence, Dan Coats. She said, “That was his own appointee, as Demo … Director of National Intelligence.”

It then seemed as though the House Minority Leader twitched again before praising anti-Trump Republican Senator John McCain. She then stated of McCain, “His service, his courage, his leadership for our country has been a blessing.”

Pelosi is certainly losing it. Democrats have begun to stray away from her, and are hoping to move the Party in a different direction, because let’s be honest, this isn’t a good look.

Editors Note: I’m not a doctor but in my opinion Nancy Pelosi seems to have something going on with her brain.  Not that I am one to talk, but I’m not making decisions for 350,000,000 people …