CNN’s Chris Cuomo Shills for Iran Deal, Netanyahu Destroys Him With The Facts In Tense Interview

Kirsters Baish| CNN reporter Chris Cuomo made himself look like an even bigger idiot than he has in the past when he conducted a cringeworthy interview with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on his program, “New Day,” this past Tuesday. Cuomo repeatedly interrupted the Prime Minister and spoke over him. Cuomo confronted the Israeli leader about his country’s suspected nuclear arsenal.

Cuomo alluded that the international nuclear accord with Iran is “better than nothing.” Breitbart News reported that he also “charged that Netanyahu’s speech yesterday revealing a secretive Iranian nuclear weapons archive ‘has been described as an unusually theatrical display for you.’ Yet Cuomo may have betrayed his own grasp of the subject matter when he tried to state the long form name for the international nuclear watchdog that reports to the United Nations, referring to the agency as ‘the IAEA, the International era – whatever.'”

Cuomo seemed to have a hard time remembering the full name, so he looked down at his desk. We can assume he was looking at a piece of paper. Alisyn Camerota, Cuomo’s co-host, tried to help him out by offering the name he was looking for, “The Atomic.”

Cuomo went on, “The Atomic Energy Agency. OK, they’re the watchdog that’s supposed to be doing the monitoring under the 2015 deal.”

The full name is actually the International Atomic Energy Agency…

That wasn’t the end of Cuomo making a fool of himself Roughly two minutes after the interview began, Cuomo referred to Iran as Israel.

“Even the U.S. statement from the White House changed from “has” to “had,” that Israel has an active nuclear program to had. And it seems to be that the message is, we knew this already,” Coumo stated.

It’s pretty obvious to anyone who knows what’s going on that he meant to say Iran, not Israel. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ original statement was released on Monday and later altered, saying that Iran has “has a robust, clandestine nuclear weapons program,” changing the word “has” to “had” in an online version of the statement.

Later into the show, Cuomo couldn’t remember the full name of the IAEA. He stated, “Now, there is pushback to this notion. The International Atomic Agency — Energy Agency — says that there is no evidence that Iran was trying to develop nuclear weapons after 2009.”

Breitbart News wrote, “During the interview, Netanyahu pushed back against a suggestion from Cuomo that Israel may be “safer” under the U.S.-brokered nuclear agreement as opposed to having no deal with Iran.”