CNN On Verge Of Collapse As Viewership Drops 30%

Kirsters Baish| CNN is having a lot more issues than a news network should be having. They are experiencing huge layoffs, a big old fake news crisis, as well as the entirely humiliating and pricy cost of implosion of their entire digital platform. These are the smallest of their issues, it seems. CNN is also having one major issue, and that issue involves viewership. Comparing viewership to last year’s numbers, CNN has lost 30 percent of their primetime viewers as well as 23 percent of their total daily viewers.

The issues with viewership for the anti-Trump news outlet are endless, especially when you compare CNN to competing news networks. During the week of February 5, CNN only got an average of 674,000 viewers per day. During primetime hours, CNN only averaged 888,000 viewers daily.

These kinds of numbers put CNN behind MSNBC and Fox News… and they also put the channel in last place.

In one day, the left-wing network MSNBC got an average of 972,000 viewers. Fox News beat both with an average of 1.529 million viewers on average. This is almost as much as both of the liberal stations combined.

MSNBC blew CNN out of the water during primetime by nearly a million viewers. MSNBC had an average of 1.747 million compared to CNN’s 888,000. Fox News had a jaw dropping 2.605 million viewers.

CNN, a station that seems to be pro-North Korea sometimes, lost almost an entire third of their primetime viewers. It seems that MSNBC actually gained 26 percent in total daily viewers and 22 percent in primetime viewers.

While we cannot argue that the news cycle isn’t as crazy this year as it was last year at this time, we cannot make the argument that the population has fallen. So, we are left wondering why CNN is falling apart while their competition is thriving. This is likely due to their spreading of fake news and unverified stories. Their hatred towards President Trump doesn’t help either.

MSNC doesn’t lie to their viewers. They may be extremely liberal, but they report real news. At least MSNBC is straightforward about their political leanings. CNN continually claims that they are an unbiased network, when in reality they are as leftist as they come.

Breitbart reported:

Worse still, CNN cannot seem to stop lying to its viewers. CNN chief Jeff Zucker has created a veritable Fake News Factory over there, a wildly hypocritical one that has undermined all of its reporting and moral authority. If you are going to pose as a news outlet, your reporting must have credibility. Nobody believes anything CNN reports, nor should they.

Lastly, CNN’s 24/7 contribution to the Climate of Hate in this country is not only dangerous, it is simply exhausting. No matter what time of day you turn the failing channel on, it is TRUMP IS HITLER and REPULICANS ARE RACIST and WORSE THAN WATERGATE and I’M OUTRAGED and I’M STILL OUTRAGED and CHRISTIANITY IS BIGOTRY AND HATE and GIMME YOUR GUNS and MOCK US AND WE WILL DESTROY YOU and GIVE UP YOUR FREEDOM TO CENTRAL GOVERNMENT and TRUMP IS CRAZY and and LET’S WHIP UP SOME VIOLENCE and, finally, LET ME LECTURE YOU ON DECENCY EVEN THOUGH I MYSELF AM A SERIAL LIAR.

CNN won’t be around much longer if they keep failing to present the news to the American people. There are plenty of news outlets, and CNN doesn’t have to be one of them.