CNN Looks To Be On Verge of Collapse As Latest Ratings Are Released Showing Their Programing Has Less Viewers Than The Food Network

Kirsters Baish| It seems that far left news network CNN has been doing a bang-up job of getting their ratings to go right down the toilet. The anti-Trump network’s marketing department is likely trying to find any way to make this look not as bad as it really is, but once a news network like CNN’s ratings fall below those of the Food Network, you know something is wrong.

Nielsen Media Research released the ratings for the week of June 18-24 for the 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. Eastern time this week. CNN’s prime-time hours only brought in an average viewership of 758,000. This number is incredibly low for one of the most well-known news networks in the country. Is it possible that people just don’t trust CNN anymore?

The number doesn’t sound shockingly low, until you realize that there are only three cable news networks on television in our country, and CNN’s numbers are dwindling quickly. CNN came in so far behind the second-place network, it’s almost no comparison. Fox News Channel took the top spot on the charts with an average prime-time viewership of more than 2 million viewers for the same week. MSNBC came in second at 1.49 million viewers for the week.

As you can see by the numbers, CNN didn’t even come remotely close to either MSNBC or Fox News Channel.

Western Journal reports:

ESPN, USA Network and HGTV round out the top five in prime-time viewership.

The next five? Still, no CNN here, either. Instead we have TBS, FX, Investigation Discovery, History and Discovery.

Get past Food Network and A&E Network and that’s where you’ll find CNN, an unlucky 13th in prime-time viewership last week, beating out TLC and Hallmark Channel among the top 15 most-watched cable networks.

Yep, more people craved watching people cook and eat food than those who craved the offerings from CNN.

CNN’s numbers for the 25-54 demographic, which is the key demographic being targeted, were even worse than their overall viewership numbers. CNN was ranked 18th place among 25-54 year-olds. Fox News was ranked number one out of all cable news networks. It was also ranked fifth place out of all cable networks used in the rankings. MSNBC came in 15th place out of all of the cable networks.

CNN seems to do better with their ratings during the daytime rather than the night. They came in at number 7 out of all cable networks when it comes down to total daily viewership. They are still very far behind Fox News as well as MSNBC who ranked at number one and number two.

CNN’s executives have got to be nervous about these numbers, especially considering the fact that there was tons of important news out there last week. With “border crisis” stories out the wazoo, you would think that CNN would be doing great. It seems that Americans are just tired of being lied to by the “news” network. It’s not a shocker that CNN lost to Fox News, since Fox has been dubbed the most-watched channel on all of cable for 24 weeks in a row now.

With popular anchors like Chris Cuomo, Anderson Cooper, and Don Lemon, you would think that the leftists of the world would be banning together to get the network’s numbers back up. This clearly isn’t the case. In fact, prime time viewership on CNN has fallen 5 percent from this time last year.
This news comes on the heals of CNN losing 30% of it’s viewers back in February of this year.  As Breitbart reported “Hate Fatigue: CNN Viewership Collapses 30%”.  I think it’s safe to say that CNN is in the middle of a collapse.  If they can not regain the public’s trust soon, one can expect to see some serious shake ups at the network and likely a lot of employees looking for work.