Clueless Dem Senator Tries To Say Trump Made Illegal Immigration A Crime, ICE Agent Makes Her Look Like a Complete Fool

Kirsters Baish| It seems as though the Dems have become so obsessed with their “open borders” agenda that they fail to remember that our country actually has immigration laws in place… making it illegal to be an illegal alien.

Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono is one Democrat who seems to forget that entering our country without following proper procedure is illegal, and she was under the impression that immigrants were being prosecuted and detained just because of the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy when it comes to enforcing the law. Let’s get real. The same stuff was happening under Obama.

The Daily Wire reported that Hirono was so ignorant when it came down to the issue of illegal immigration that she actually inspired an ICE official to explain to her the United States Code’s applicable statute which makes it fair game to prosecute anyone who enters the country illegally. She still didn’t seem to comprehend.

Conservative Tribune reports:

The brief back-and-forth that left Hirono admittedly “confused” took place during a hearing Tuesday about the court-ordered reunification of migrant families that had been temporarily separated following their illegal entry and subsequent prosecution by the U.S. government.

The unlucky soul who attempted to explain the existing law to the senator was Matthew Albence, executive associate director for enforcement and removal operations for ICE, the same agency that many of Hirono’s colleagues have demanded be abolished.

Hirono asked, referring to the immigration “detainment and reunification centers”, “Mr. Albence, would you send your children to FRCs?”

“Again, I think we’re missing the point. These individuals are there because they have broken a law. There has to be a process,” Albence stated.

The senator interrupted by interjecting, “They have broken a law only as deemed so by the president with his …”

Albence interrupted her back saying, “No, ma’am. They are there for violation of Title 8 of the U.S. Nationality Act.”

“OK,” Albence went on. “U.S.C. 1325. That’s illegal entry. It’s both a criminal and civil violation. They are in those FRCs pending the outcome of that civil immigration process. They have broken the law.”

Hirono decided to mention the President’s “zero tolerance” policy once again. She then tried to pretend that there was a difference between civil and criminal aspects of the immigration law.

Albence went on to say, “There are criminal proceedings when Border Patrol prosecuted them, but at the conclusion of that process, once the individual came into ICE custody, they would go through administrative proceedings.”

Hirono admitted after being silent for a few moments, “I’m confused.”

Take a look at the video footage:

The Hawaiian Senator seems to be highly confused and unable to understand that when there is a law against doing something, that makes it illegal. I guess United States law is just something that is too complicated for Democrats to comprehend. Good thing there’s a Conservative in the White House.