Ratings Are Out: ABC Deeply Regrets Firing Roseanne & Tim Allen & ‘Last Man Standing’ Get Last Laugh

Anyone who has been paying attention knows that ABC killed their best preforming show after Roseanne sent out a tweet about Vallerie Jarret that set off a firestorm.  As time had gone on the network has even gone so far as to admit they may have made a mistake in acting so quickly.

This Tuesday, ABC premiered their new spinoff show “The Conners” , and the results were nothing less than disappointing.

From The Daily Wire

While the ABC-dropped “Last Man Standing” continues to rule the Friday night ratings battle over at Fox, the premiere of ABC’s Roseanne-free spinoff of “Roseanne” aired Tuesday night and barely managed to attain half the record-setting opening of its precursor.

“Roseanne,” starring the pro-Trump Roseanne Barr, shocked the television world back in March by earning a stunning 18.2 million viewers (5.1 rating in the key demo) in its debut. Before the show came to a screeching halt after Barr infamously tweeted that former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett was the love child of the Muslim Brotherhood and “Planet of the Apes,” viewership had tapered off to a still solid 10.3 million (2.4 rating).

Here’s more.

From Smoke Room

“The Conners” brought in a 7.5 rating/12 share in metered-market households on Tuesday night. This makes for a 35% decline in ratings, compared to the 11.6/19 rating the “Roseanne” premiere brought in back in March, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Still, for a spinoff of a reboot, “The Conners” did relatively well. It came in as the second-most watched primetime television show, just behind NCIS, which came in with a 8.1/13 rating in metered markets.

Ratings predictions came in about spot-on; ratings experts estimated that around 11 million viewers would tune in to “The Conners,” and that’s about exactly how many ended up watching. For comparison, “Roseanne” brought in more than 18 million viewers in its premiere in March 2018.

     No, these ratings are not bad, but they are no where near what Roseanne was getting and I would wager that a large portion of the people were just tuning in to see how ABC tried to cover their asses on this one and will not be keeping up with the show going forward.  I guess only time will tell.  H/T Young Cons

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Tekla Ravadon
Tekla Ravadon

Although “The Conners” show received 7.5 Ratings, it was merely for us to watch out of CURIOSITY what ABC will do about the most important character, the HEART & SOUL of the show, ROSEANNE. The writer chose the most heinous way of getting rid of ROSEANNE, DYING AS A DRUG ADDICT. It was unbelievable and heartless. If the scriptwriter, of that segment, SARAH GILBERT, Roseanne’s daughter DARLENE in that show, it was all the more insulting and heartless on Sarah’s part. What was so disturbing was the way the CASTS handled this case, no one stood up for ROSEANNE, everyone… Read more »