Chronically Ill Child Writes Book For Other Sick Children… President Trump has a Special Surprise For Him

Kirsters Baish| One 8-year-old boy from West Virginia who is suffering from a chronic illness has a lot to be proud of. Ashton Zari has been fighting chronic kidney disease, leading to multiple painful surgeries, but instead of sitting around crying about it, Zari decided to use his own illness to help other sick children.

This inspirational 8-year-old had an idea to publish a children’s book with the hopes that it would encourage other medically ill kids. The book is titled, “How I Became A Super Hero.”

Take a look at the post Amanda Zari, Ashton’s mom, posted to her Facebook page:

Now, Ashton has something else to be proud of. President Donald Trump heard about Ashton’s situation and the book that he wrote, and decided to pay Ashton a visit.

The young author is being treated at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, which is located in Columbus, Ohio. When he found out that President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump would be coming to the hospital for a visit, he told his mother that he would love to meet the President.

Amanda Zari loved the idea, but didn’t want to get her son too excited for something that may not happen. She did, however, figure that she would do what she could to make his wish come true.

“As a momma, I try to help Ashton set realistic goals, and it was hard not to discourage him,” Zari explained to 59 News.

Zari gave her son’s “rock star” nurse the credit for working to make sure Ashton met the President.

Then, on August 24th, Ashton’s nurse discussed the situation with higher-ups on her floor. Thanks to Ashton’s nurse and the rest of the nursing staff on her floor, in cooperation with the President’s own staff, Ashton was able to meet First Lady Melania Trump as well as President Donald Trump himself.

For an 8-year-old boy fighting chronic kidney disease, it was a dream come true for Ashton to meet President Trump. He was even given the opportunity to give the President a copy of his book.

Ashton’s mother could not get over the kindness and compassion the President showed to her sick son.

Zari explained, “This was an experience I am struggling with finding adequate words to sum up. President Trump was kind and empathetic.” She went on, “He spent time engaging with Ashton, asking him about his book, and even calling him a young entrepreneur. He was genuinely interested in Ashton’s health and asked many questions about Nationwide Children’s Hospital and the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Ohio.”

Amanda Zari stated that she never thought that Ashton would have been able to meet Trump, but the experience left her feeling very grateful.

“The First Lady has the kindest voice and smile possibly of anyone I ever met. She spent time looking through Ashton’s book and commenting on the various illustrations, the workmanship, and she told him what a great job he did,” the pleased mother explained.

Melania Trump asked Ashton during the visit when he plans on writing his next book. Ashton has been in the hospital since the visit, receiving further surgeries to both his bladder and bowels. He is hoping to be discharged soon.