China’s Central Military Commission Memo Leaks, Reveals Plan To Wipe America Off The Map

Elder Patriot – Let’s get this out before the Trump detractors in the mainstream media start a narrative that China’s plan for world domination was made in reaction to Trump’s decision to finally enter into a trade war that China has been conducting for decades.  Many serious observers believe today’s move was long overdue for many reasons.

China had long ago declared economic war on the U.S.  Now recently released documents confirms that China’s plans also call for world military dominance.  The documents were published by the Central Military Commission in February of this year to explain President Xi Jinping’s “thought on strengthening the armed forces.”

The report states:

“As we open up and expand our national interests beyond borders, we desperately need a comprehensive protection of our own security around the globe.”

China’s goal is to “more effectively create a situation, manage a crisis, contain a conflict, win a war, defend the expansion of our country’s strategic interests in an all-round fashion and realise the goals set by the party and Chairman Xi”.

China has expanded its economic interests across the globe and now it wants to establish its military dominance as well.  That, of course is their right but Trump is not going to let China pay for it with American wealth any longer.

He is also determined to put an end to China’s 50-point strategy for the theft of our intellectual product, proprietary information, and cutting edge technology that WH Trade and Manufacturing Policy Director Peter Navarro outlined in this 36-page report:

  WH Trade and Economic Policy – China by The Conservative Treehouse on Scribd

China is not now, nor have they ever been our friend.  As long as we shipped them our manufacturing plants and the jobs that went along they were content to let us destroy ourselves.

As long as we sat idly by while they stole our technology and property they were content to let us destroy ourselves.  

As long as we gave them access to our markets to dump their products while they put up roadblocks to our products entering their market, they were content to let us destroy ourselves.

And, as long as our politicians allowed China to run up hundreds of billions of dollars in surplus trade dollars with which to build a state of the art military, they were happy to standby while we allowed them to build the capacity to destroy us.

Now that we have a president who wants only to negotiate a more level playing field China has shown it has no interest in being our partner.

President Trump was absolutely right when he called economic security tantamount to national security.  This report shows that China recognized this a long time ago. And now we should be thankful that President Trump is taking the necessary steps to guarantee that we recognize it as well.