Child Rapist Gets a Taste of His Own Medicine When He’s Raped By 20 Inmates

Kirsters Baish| Daryell Dickson Menenzes Xavier, a Jujitsu professor was accused of raping his very own one year old son. He turned himself into authorities after committing the crime. It was reported that Xavier was put into jail in Taguatinga, Brazil. Authorities explained that it was heartbreaking to see the look on his son’s face.

While in custody, Daryell Dickson Menenzes Xavier was violently and brutally raped by a group of 20 fellow inmates.

The child rapist wasn’t even in real prison when he was attacked. He was spending 30 days in incarceration while he was waiting for his hearing.

Xavier was from the Gracie Barra hand to hand fighting school which is located in Brasília, Brazil. He is a purple belt, which is much like the black belt in karate. The 25-year-old father was left in charge of 23 month old Miguel Estrela by his mother, Gabriela Estrela.

Estrela had left the house to work on planning for Miguel’s birthday party at her parents’ house. Half an hour after she arrived, Xavier called her to say that Miguel had fallen. Miguel was delivered to the Hospital Anchieta. His stepdad claimed that he had fallen off of the bed, but this was clearly a lie.

The Change Post reported:

Miguel who was oblivious when he was gotten, passed on two days after the fact.

Xavier’s record of occasions, be that as it may, did not coordinate with the wounds the kid persevered.

The therapeutic staff became suspicious as Xavier’s clarification with what happened changed a few times.

“The traumatic activity was overpowering and the compel applied was extremely awesome. Just a man with incredible bearing and learning of procedures, similar to the stepfather, who was a jiu-jitsu contender, would know how to give, ” said Tânia Maria Soares, the 38th DP appoint.

“The kid additionally had a gap in the rear-end, it is not known whether gotten from sexual mishandle, since obstruction likewise gives fissura,” Soares finished up.

It was reported that all of the local resident population in the jail targeted Daryell. It doesn’t matter what country a jail is located in, the truth is that no one likes pedophiles, and they don’t do well in general population. While some are complaining that what happened to Daryell is sick vigilante justice, but there are a lot more people who feel that he got what was coming to him after what he did to his poor innocent son. The look in his son’s eyes says it all. This sick man severely damaged a young child.

It has been alleged that a gang of 20 inmates took turns violently and brutally raping the pedophile. The inmates must have used extreme force in raping Xavier, because it was reported that medical staff at the jail had to stitch up his anus all the way up to his back.

It’s obvious that the staff at the prison didn’t care about Xavier at all either, because they didn’t put him into isolation, which is what they normally do after something like that happens. Instead, they released him back into general population where he was brutally raped again.

The moral of the story is that you shouldn’t rape little kids, or anyone for that matter. Rapists don’t do well in jail, and that’s a fact.