Captain Kirk aka William Shatner, Savagely Embarrasses & Destroys Social Justice Warriors In Amazing Fashion … Enjoy!

Kirsters Baish| With all of the liberal Hollywood elitists trying to brainwash Americans and turn them against the current administration, it’s nice to see a few actors like James Woods and William Shatner standing up for our country. Shatner, being the funny man that he is, decided to show liberal America just how ridiculous they sound by issuing a Twitter message just for them.

Shatner, who portrays everything about the “can-do spirit” of his “Star Trek” character, Captain Kirk, has been making waves with Hollywood liberals for a while now. He isn’t new to the game, but his Sunday evening Twitter post reached new levels of trolling. Shatner went right after the progressive liberals of America “for the sins of the nation’s past and their undeniable interest in a government-supported here and now.”

Shatner’s Twitter post summed it all up perfectly.

As you probably could have guessed, liberals weren’t lining up to send their cash to Shatner’s doorstep, especially after he “offended” them in such a way.

What Shatner’s goal was (and what he was successful in doing) was riling up the social justice warriors who want to blame the Trump administration for every problem in our country.

Conservative Tribune writes:

Shatner is a Canadian citizen, but it’s by no means his first foray into his adopted country’s cultural wars – and not the first time he’s slammed the SJWs for the jokes they really are.

In July of last year, he published a Twitter post that cut right to the self-identification of the current generation of liberals – the ones who think white males are a scourge on the human race, and that only the progressives of today’s liberal movement are guaranteeing American freedoms.

This is a really important question, but unfortunately modern day liberals don’t know the answer. In fact, they have no idea of how to answer this question in the slightest. These days, it almost seems as though Twitter is a platform built for liberals to insult conservatives. At least we have a few conservative Hollywood celebrities who have mastered trolling the internet, Shatner seeming to be one of them. While he doesn’t speak up all the time, and may even agree with some of the liberal ideologies, he has never been disrespectful of President Trump and his administration the way much of Hollywood has been.

Shatner’s long-time cast mate, George Takei, is an outspoken gay rights advocate. The two are on good terms to this day, and Shatner has never come out against gay rights. His main talking points against the social justice warriors of America’s liberal agenda seem to be on this particular topic.

As I previously mentioned, conservative actor James Woods has mastered the art of Twitter trolling. He must have been happy to see Shatner’s Sunday night Twitter post, which is just the latest in a serious of knocks against the left. The more and more Hollywood celebrities that come forward to tear down the social justice warrior mindset, the better.