Candace Owens Destroys Jimmy Kimmel, Calls Out Hack Host for Single-Handedly Wrecking Late Night TV

Kirsters Baish| Conservative personality and superstar Candace Owens believes that late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel has ruined the brand of television all together. Owens appeared on Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro’s “Justice Judge Jeanine” show this past weekend. She was asked to talk about some of the past week’s stupid quotes.

One quote came from Kimmel himself. The liberal late night personality has repeatedly bashed the Trump White House, but this week he really took it a step further. He decided to allude that a wild animal would do a better job as POTUS than our current Commander in Chief.

“I’ve got to say say, I would rather we had a chimpanzee as president of the United States,” Kimmel joked on air last Tuesday, to which the audience erupted with laughter.

“At least with a chimp there would be somebody to eat the bugs out of Rudy Giuliani’s hair,” he continued.

Take a look at what Owens had to say on the matter:

Conservative Tribune writes of Kimmel’s tasteless joke:

First off, the last part is entirely nonsensical. Rudy’s balding pate would arguably be the better target for a bad joke here, especially given that Kimmel’s own patchy beard would arguably make a better habitat for insects.

Second, the first part isn’t actually a joke in the sense that it’s a setup with a punchline. It’s not even particularly original. Versions of the “I would literally have <insert ridiculous entity here> as president than Donald Trump” have been around since the day he first started seriously considering a run for office. And even within the confines of that construct, it doesn’t show any particular spark of originality.

Owens responded to Kimmel’s comments by telling Pirro that this was kind of the thing that is causing late-night comedy to go down the tubes.
“Look, I would rather we had a comedian for a late-night talk show rather than Jimmy Kimmel, who gets up there every single night, cries, brings up his child, uses his child as a prop to get other people to cry,” Owens explained to Pirro. She called on Kimmel’s infamous Obamacare gambit. “So look, we don’t always get what we want, Jimmy. That’s all I can say to him.”

When Pirro stated that she didn’t understand “the chimp and the bugs and Rudy Giuliani” part, Owens explained it to be a bad joke that was made in poor taste.

“He single-handedly ruined late-night TV,” she continued.

“I really do believe Jimmy Kimmel does this. He somehow thinks he’s like a political spokesperson. He tries to be funny. It’s never funny. I think that has to be a fake audience. I don’t get it whatsoever.”

The funniest part is that it was likely a laugh track that was clapping and cheering Kimmel on. How pathetic does that make him look?

Owens has a point. Late-night comedy used to be something to look forward to after the kids went to bed, but now it’s riddled with liberal hacks trying to get a crack in at the President or his supporters. This isn’t what comedy is all about, and Kimmel should take a hint before he totally tanks his career.