California AG Threatens Trump: Better Watch Your Back Out Here, Don’t End Up In a Dark Alley with Elected Official

Kirsters Baish| The Attorney General of California, Xavier Becerra, is a wonderful example of just how messed up the entire state is. Becerra recently decided that following federal law is against his laws when it comes to the case of immigration.

Breitbart reported:

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra (D) says his office “will prosecute” employers who cooperate with federal immigration officials to deport criminal illegal aliens from the United States.

In a press conference on Thursday, the pro-open borders attorney general warned California employers of new state laws that barred businesses from providing information on illegal aliens to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency that would aid in deportations.

This is breaking the law. Becerra is now trying to take a shot right at President Trump.

Conservative Tribune reported that during an interview with MSNBC, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra told Andrea Mitchell that President Donald Trump would repeat his comment that Democratic Representative Maxine Waters was a “low IQ” person if he found himself in a “dark alley” with her.

Becerra stated while on the air, “I think Donald Trump probably said that from 2,000 miles away from Maxine Waters because he’s probably too afraid to say it to her face.”

He continued, “I suspect that Donald Trump would be afraid to come up to her and actually say something like that to her because Maxine Waters won’t stand for that. It’s unfortunate he used that kind of language about someone who’s been a public servant for so many years.”

Becerra finished off by saying that Maxine Waters could “take care of herself.” He urged President Trump to be careful if he “ever finds himself in a dark alley with Maxine Waters.”

What the hell is Becerra talking about? Maxine Waters is going to beat Trump up apparently… but the Democrats are upset about Trump talking tough to Kim Jong Un. Sounds like a double standard to me.

It’s obvious that Becerra is just upset that the border wall between the United States and Mexico is close to being constructed.

Fox News reported that a United States Border Patrol agent attended President Trump’s review of the different wall prototypes. This agent explained that President Trump’s presence was important with all of the agents.

President of the San Diego chapter of the National Border Patrol Council Terence Shigg, commended President Trump for coming to see the conditions that agents work in.

Shigg appeared on “Fox and Friends.” He stated, “I think for our guys, the fact that he was there…he really didn’t even have to say anything.”

He continued,  “A lot of the points that he touched on as far as building the wall and building the infrastructure that we need to do our job safely and to protect the public, that’s what our guys really enjoyed hearing.”

In a battle royale, President Trump would win over the entire state of California.