Bwaha: James Woods Has Important Message For Barack Obama and Ben Rhodes

Kirsters Baish| Conservative actor turned Twitter troll James Woods is at it again. After another one of ultra-Liberal Obama crony Ben Rhodes’ attacks on President Donald Trump, Woods decided that he had had just about enough of it. Rhodes makes a habit out of criticizing our Commander in Chief from both his Twitter account and his role on liberal media network MSNBC.

Woods is over Rhodes’ attitude and comments, so today he decided to go in for the kill.

Woods didn’t just totally wreck Ben Rhodes, however. He got a nice shot in at Obama while he was at it. All it took was one tweet that went viral.

Rhodes actually had the gall to attack President Trump’s tactic to dealing with fair trade in both Canada and Europe.

The Gateway Pundit reports:

President Trump upset the Group of Seven meeting in Canada by first agreeing to a group statement on trade only to withdraw from it while complaining that he had been blindsided by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s comments after he departed early for Singapore.

Yesterday evening, President Trump took swings at globalists, all while defending the United States. It’s pretty evident that Ben Rhodes approves of Barack Obama’s game plan of kissing the rear end of every single foreign leader, showing his cards and acting like the weakest of the bunch. Interesting strategy.

Rhodes answered President Trump by tweeting, “The pathetic and embarrassing thing is that Trump’s approach will end up hurting our farmers, workers & companies while also surrendering our global leadership.”

Woods went viral after he bomb on both Obama and Rhodes when he tweeted out, “Your old boss would bow to a fire hydrant. Don’t talk about surrendering global leadership. In fact don’t talk at all.”

I mean, just take a look at the things that Rhodes had to say about President Trump to CBS:

James Woods is exactly the kind of internet troll our country needs.