Busted: Hillary Henchman Accuses Trump of Offering Children to Human Traffickers … Until We Discover That It Was an Obama Policy!

Kirsters Baish| If you can recall back to the 2016 presidential election, Zac Petkanas was serving as the director of the Democratic National Committee’s “Trump War Room.” Petkanas was also a Hillary Clinton campaign official. He didn’t just disappear after Hillary lost the election, however. He is still extremely active when it comes to Democratic politics.

The liberals of America are constantly coming up with new things to hate about President Donald Trump. This weekend, they decided to accuse him of “misplacing” 1,500 under-age illegal aliens who have been “lost” in our country’s system.

President Trump responded to the accusations via his Twitter page., reminding his accusers that this was actually a Democrat Obama-era policy.

President Trump is 100% right in saying this. The left are the ones who won’t change a thing about immigration reform. They wouldn’t budge even after Trump promised to keep DACA amnesty in place if he could build the border wall.

The Democrats don’t care, however. They continue to play games and spread lies about Trump.

This past weekend, Hillary Clinton’s former adviser, Zac Petkanas, took to Twitter to smear President Trump, lying and saying that he is guilty of selling children to evil human traffickers.

Jack Posobiec took a screen shot of the tweet and gave his take on it.

Via Zac Petkanas:

Then, Jack Posobiec reminded everyone about an article from 2016 that appeared in the Washington Post. This article blamed Obama for these minors who were being compromised to human traffickers.