Fox News’ Gregg Jarrett Drops A Russian Docs Declassification Bombshell, Claims This Coming Week Trump Will Declassify In Earth Shaking Prediction

Kirsters Baish| This Saturday, Fox News’ legal expert and lawyer Gregg Jarrett made a prediction that shook America, and if he’s right, things are really about to heat up. Jarrett predicted that President Donald Trump will be declassifying the Russia documents as soon as this coming week in a direct response to conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch’s bombshell discovery that there was no FISA court hearings when it came down to the Carter Page FISA warrants.

The Fox legal analyst went on to predict that Trump will terminate Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who has been MIA, following the coming November midterm elections.

On Friday, Judicial Watch revealed a vital piece of information about Spygate. The DOJ had admitted via a court filing this past week that the FISA applications on former Trump campaign advisor Carter Page never even had a hearing in FISA court.

The Obama-run FBI obtained the Carter Page FISA warrant and three subsequent renewals… all to spy on Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Disgraced former FBI Director James Comey, former Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe, and Sally Yates signed off on the FISA applications, despite the fact that the fabricated Trump “dossier” was used in order to obtain said warrants.

The Gateway Pundit writes, “Trump’s ace card is a declassification order on all Carter Page FISA docs and other documents related to the Russia witch hunt.”

We need an Attorney General who will actually be present and do their job. It’s time for Jeff Sessions to be replaced.

This past Thursday, Trump stated that Sessions’ position as Attorney General is secure until at least after the upcoming midterm elections.

Trump sat down for an Oval Office interview with Jennifer Jacobs of Bloomberg. During the interview, Trump stated that Sessions will still have his job as Attorney General until at least after midterms, but when he was asked if Sessions is safe after that, he seemed to play dumb.

“I would just love to have him do a great job,” Trump said when talking about Sessions.

Higher-ups in the GOP, such as Senators Grassley and Graham, stated that they will support President Trump if he decides to terminate Sessions following the upcoming midterm elections.

Fall in Washington is going to be very interesting this year.

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