BREAKING: U.S. Judge Sides Trump – California Is Finished

Kirsters Baish| United States District Judge William Orrick made a shocking move when he hesitated to enforce that President Donald Trump must pay $1 million to the state of California in delayed law enforcement funding after Trump would not make the payment since California is a sanctuary state.

The Trump administration did not send California the payout because of the state’s collective support for illegal immigrants. The state decided to take the President to court to try and force the feds to give them the money for law enforcement expenditures.

The administration has not stated that California will ever be getting the payout, simply that the money has been delayed.

Judge Orrick didn’t order the Trump administration to give the state of California the money, however, he did not dismiss the lawsuit against the administration right away.

Orrick explained that the entire situation came about and raised, “weighty and novel constitutional issues,” according to the Associated Press.

The state is the biggest test case that the Trump administration could choose. Will the federal government be forced to give California the money?

The Associated Press noted that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has repeatedly been blaming “sanctuary city” policies for growing crime and gang violence. Back in July, he stated that cities and states would only receive Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance grants if they adhered to federal immigration laws and gave federal immigration officials unlimited access to detention facilities. These cities and states were also told that they must certify that they complied with certain federal immigration laws.

The Associated Press had reported:

A federal judge in Chicago last year blocked the advance notice and access requirements in a ruling that applied nationwide. But U.S. District Judge Harry D. Leinenweber said the DOJ could require Byrne Memorial grant recipients to certify compliance with the federal immigration law at issue.

It’s still unclear as to why liberal-run states to think it’s okay to permit people to break the law, especially when these laws are in place to protect American citizens. President Trump has the right to cut funding to any state who does not comply with federal law, and that is plain and simple.