Breaking: Ted Cruz Just Took Mark Zuckerberg To The Woodshed Over Censoring Conservatives On National TV

Elder Patriot – BOOM!!!  While Facebook was throttling the ability of conservative pages to drive traffic to conservative news and opinion websites into oblivion they were happily allowing pages – even fake pages – to drive users to websites that they approved of.

That likely explains why the largest Black Lives Matter page was fake and running a scam defrauding users of their money, and yet they were weren’t restricted by Facebook’s algorithms.

CNN has reported that a page titled “Black Lives Matter” had grown to 700,000 giving it twice as many fans as the official Black Lives Matter page.  The page was owned by a middle-aged white male living in Australia.

But it gets even worse.  The page was used to drive fans to online fundraisers and raised more than $100,000.  At least some, if not all, of that money made its way tin Australian bank accounts.

Paypal, Patreon, Donorbox, and Classy have since suspended the page from it’s online pay services.

According to CNN:

“Only after almost a week of emails and calls between CNN and Facebook about this story did Facebook suspend the page, and then only because it had suspended a user account that administrated [sic] the page.”

This means that even when one of the “trusted news sources” (as defined by Facebook) gives them evidence of a page spreading fake information and actively defrauding Facebook’s users in the process, Facebook takes more than a week to investigate.

Not so with the pages of conservatives, who are offered no recourse once Facebook decides their message doesn’t meet the social media giant’s approved political point of view.  What other business doesn’t offer a customer service representative for clients who spend tens of thousands of dollars – or more – annually working with that company to build their businesses together?

What other company could even get away with that level of such shabby treatment of their business partners. Let me answer that.  Aside from the social media giants no other companies would dare. That is the benefit of running a monopoly.

This story only confirms the questions raised by conservatives about the integrity of Facebook’s commitment to ignore ideology or politics when connecting people.

Under questioning from Ted Cruz, less than a month ago, as to whether Facebook was a open forum or a publisher, Facebook Global Policy Management Head Monika Bickert told Congress:

The mission of our company is to connect people. We do not look at ideology or politics.  We want people to be able to connect and to share who they are… We do not have any policy about political ideologies that affect our platform.

Conservative publishers that use Facebook’s platform – those of us that are left, anyway – know that’s simply not true and Zuckerberg’s inability, or unwillingness, to answer the same question from Ted Cruz just moments ago is proof of that.

The Cambridge Analytica data breach, as serious as it is, in nothing more than a smokescreen for the greater threat that Facebook’s censorship poses to the future of our freedoms.  Do not allow your representatives to turn Zuckerberg’s time in the barrel into a regulatory debate.