BREAKING: They Knew – THEY ALL KNEW – Prior to the Election

Elder Patriot – Paul Sperry is a solid investigative reporter whose work is always worth a read.  That is what makes the tweets he posted yesterday so significant.

More than a year later, and only after President Trump had weathered their blistering attacks and survived the swamp’s version of the Spanish Inquisition, did the vaunted D.C. press corps even provide a sniff of admission.

New York Times reporter Kenneth Vogel tweeted:

Really Ken?  How many denials from Trump and his team have you ignored?  Were you afraid of winding up like Seth Rich?  You’re a punk.  You’re certainly not a serious investigative reporter.  Either that, or you were on Hillary’s payroll.  Either way you were complicit in trying to destroy the peoples’ president.

The same could be said of the New York Times White House Correspondent Maggie Haberman who also admitted she knew on the same day, October 24, 2017, that the Washington Post actually ran a confession article:

This means that then-FBI Director James Comey either knew this well before the election and chose to ignore it or he’s so opaque that he never should’ve been appointed to the position in the first place.

The DC press corps has continued peddling lies about the dossier until the present even though it wasn’t much of a secret in Washington as one Trump campaign advisor’s told Sperry:

So, now imagine this post-election scenario with a president intent on rooting out Washington corruption having a private dinner with the man who will have a leadership position in that effort:

Trump: Can I count on you to help me keep my promise to the American people?

Comey: Absolutely Mr. President.

Trump: I’m glad to hear that. Just one more question then.

Comey:  What’s that?

Trump: How can I trust you to do that job for the American people when you showed no loyalty to them or to me prior to the election?  You lied to the people about Hillary’s emails.  At the same time you were using a dossier that Hillary’s campaign funded for opposition research and that doesn’t have a shred of truth to it to justify spying on my campaign. The only loyalty you’ve shown is to Hillary Clinton who you and I both know is a criminal.

Comey: Silent.

This likely is the oath of loyalty that Comey told Congress that Trump demanded.  The fact is that President Trump’s denial should hold significantly more weight, at this point than anything Hillary and all of these co-conspirators have to say.

Following a year and a half of scrutiny they’ve found nothing even the least bit incriminating to hang around Trump.  During that time the criminals in the press corps have been falling from the trees like dead monkeys.  And just as bad, we have become aware of how extensive Obama’s corruption of every institution of government was turned into a tool for his Marxist agenda.

The IRS was used to discourage donors from funding his opponents.  Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac were used as piggy banks to prop up his failing healthcare system, defrauding their investors in the process.  The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was used to stifle small businesses and therefore concentrate more and more economic power in fewer larger corporate entities that he would be able to control. 

And, all the while the Department of Justice and the FBI, like the D.C. press corps, saw none of it.

What don’t we know about?  It’s certainly foolish to believe anything coming out of the mainstream media.

But an even greater threat to our democracy is that one political party continued clinging to the discredited narrative that Trump is dirty even as Mueller’s failed investigation stands as evidence that he may be the cleanest president since George Washington.

Only after the calendar changed to 2018 did Democrats begin admitting that the palace coup they’ve been conducting was based solely on lies and innuendo.

California Dem, Adam Schiff has been particularly deceptive and should be censured by his colleagues in the House, as Mark Warner should be in the Senate.  They’ve taken the nation on a damaging and expensive wild goose chase that they knew, prior to the election, had little or merit.

Yet both Schiff and Warner pressed on lying to the American people like Baghdad Bob did in the end hours of Saddam Hussein’s regime.

It turns out both men are nothing more than partisan political hacks who were using the levers of government just as dishonestly as Barack Obama had used them.

Incredibly, not a single Democrat broke rank with what had become party orthodoxy.  They have earned the scorn of the American people.