BREAKING: Islamic Terror Attack Leaves 3 Dead & A Dozen Injured

Elder Patriot – Three people are dead and a dozen more were injured as the result of another intelligence community failure.

The attack carried out by Redouane Lakdim, a Moroccan national who had previously been flagged by French authorities as having the potential to become radicalized.

According the U.K. Daily Star the ISIS gunman had shouted “Allahu Akbar” and “I’ll kill you all” before demanding the release of Salah Abdesalam – the sole surviving suspect in the 2015 Paris terror attack.

Investigators are in the early stages of piecing together the evidence and, if Vegas and Parkland are any indication, they are deciding what to tell us as we write this.

So far we have been told that Lakdim hijacked a car killing one of his victims at that time.

He is then reported to have shot at four police officers as he drove by them, ramming the police vehicle with the hi-jacked car as well, while on his way to the supermarket where he carried about the larger attack.

The police are reporting that a vehicle seen at the Super U shop has been identified as the same one that had rammed them.

France’s Interior Minister Gerard Collomb claimed that the 26-year old Redouane Lakdim had only been known only for committing petty crimes and for drug possession.

Collomb also claimed that the Islamic radical had acted alone.

Pardon me for being skeptical but we’ve heard all of these words countless times in the past only to learn that we’ve been misled about what the intelligence community knew or what they should have known if they had been more diligent.