Breaking: Hero Of Benghazi Suspended From Twitter After Embarrassing Obama, Here’s What You’re Not Being Told

Elder Patriot – Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey openly lied to Congress this past week when claimed that Twitter doesn’t censor users based on their political ideology.  Really?

Try explaining why an American hero, who Obama and Hillary had hoped would conveniently be killed in Benghazi, is being sent to the Twitter penalty box.

What was Kris Paronto’s offense?  This tweet:

For this one of the surviving heroes of Benghazi had his account suspended.  For real.

@itmustend is a fringe twitter account that carries the banner of Impeach Trump and has a measly 2820 followers.   Paronto has 209K followers. If traffic is money in internet universe, something is seriously wrong with @jack unless he’s making the sacrifice for political reasons.

Others have picked on @jack and @Twitter hypocrisy as well:

One of Paronto’s followers asks if the fact that Kris’ account isn’t verified is another sign of liberal hypocrisy.

Frankly, I believe Kris Paronto’s suspension had nothing to do with calling out a fringe anti-Trump group and that that was just a convenient excuse.  Paronto was guilty of a much more egregious violation of Twitter regulations – he dared criticize the messiah, Barack Hussein Obama at a time Obama is trying to resurrect his political influence.

Adding to Paronto’s fall from grace was calling California senator Kamala Harris out for her ridiculous behavior during the Senate hearing for Brett Kavanaugh.  Harris is what Obama would look and act like if he underwent SRS.

You just don’t do this.  At least not in the world of @jack.

#RedWave this November or kiss our conservative, patriotic a$$es goodbye.