Breaking: ‘Anti-Trump’ Gunman Opens Fire At Trump’s Resort … Here Is What We Know So Far

Kirsters Baish| It has been reported that a gunman began shooting at the Trump National Doral Gold Course and Resort early this morning. Officers responded to the scene, where they brought the suspect down upon shooting him in his legs. The report is located in northwest Miami-Dade County and is owned by the President’s privately held company. President Trump was not a the resort during the time of the shooting.

42-year-old Jonathan Oddi was arrested on the scene. The Doral resident is hospitalized, but remains in stable condition. There was only one other reported injury, and that was one of a Doral police officer who broke his wrist at the scene. One police chief explained that officers were notified after the suspect pointed his gun at staff and started to fire.

Miami-Dade Police Director Juan Perez explained that Oddi had hoped to “engage our police officers, some type of ambush type attack, trying to lure our police officers.”

One Miami-Dade officer and four Doral police officers responded to the hotel, which is located at Northwest 36th Street and 87th Avenue. Gunfire was exchanged.

Perez explained, “He did succeed, and he did lose. That’s the bottom line.”

The Doral police and the Miami-Dade police train together. Perez gave credit to the collaboration for taking down the suspect.

Perez stated, “If not for the heroic efforts of the police officers that responded here today, this individual would have caused a lot of harm. And he was not able to do that.”

Prior to the shooting, Oddi took an American flag out of a pole towards the back of the resort. He took the flag into the hotel lobby and placed it on a counter. He then began to hell “anti-President Trump rhetoric.” The exact words of the suspect are not yet known.

“As he did that, he waited for our police officers,” Perez stated. “He did begin to shoot inside the lobby which prompted calls and curiosity from some of the people in the lobby. They were met with an individual with a handgun, who pointed it at them and proceeded to fire it into the roof and chandeliers of the hotel.

The incident was recorded on video that Perez said would not be released right away.

Television news recorded a man in a T-shirt, handcuffed and barefoot on a gurney as Miami-Dade Fire Rescue wheeled him into Kendall Regional Medical Center in Miami.

Take a look at the Associated Press news report on the story below: