Breaking Report: Democrats Unleash The Dirtiest Of Dirty Tactics, This Time They Went Too Far: Addresses & Phone Numbers of Committee Republicans Leaked on Wikipedia… Doxxing Came From Congressional Computer

Just when we thought the left couldn’t get any lower, they went and proved us wrong. What has happened to the Democratic Party? While they love to claim that they are the Party that has the best interest of the American people at heart, the truth is that they are willing to do anything to get their way when it comes to politics.

It has now been reported that numerous home addresses and personal phone numbers of Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee were posted on Wikipedia this past Thursday. It gets worse… the doxxing was found to have come from a Congressional computer.

It wasn’t long after Republican Senator of South Carolina Lindsey Graham spoke up, condemning Senate Democrats for ruining the good professional reputation and personal life of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, all in attempt to delay his confirmation that the Republicans were doxxed.

Among those who were impacted by the doxxing were Republican Senator Mike Lee, Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah and Senator Lindsey Graham, as reported by the Washington Times.

Caleb Hull, the editor of the Independent Journal Review, stated that Orin Hatch’s wife “has been receiving calls nonstop ON HER BIRTHDAY and their home address was made public.”

CongressEdits, a bot account that for four years automatically retweets edits to Wikipedia made anonymously from IP addresses associated with the U.S. Congress, said the information was also posted on Mr. Lee and Mr. Graham “from US House of Representatives.”

The bot automatically posted screenshots that the Gateway Pundit reports supported “the edits being made and noting the inclusion of private information, a practice known as ‘doxxing.’”

The doxxing took place on a House of Representatives’ computer.

Politico Congressional reporter Burgess Everett wrote in a tweet, “Someone is doxxing GOP senators on a computer from the House of Representatives, began shortly after the Graham speech. I’m not going to retweet the account where this is posted.”

This is currently a developing story. We will provide new information as it becomes available.